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I think I am a little bit like Hinata. I am shy and blush a lot ... I have never fainted though because the guy I liked was in the same room.
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I took a quiz because I couldn't decide and this is what I got. smile
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I can't say that I relate to just one. In fact, if anything, I relate to 3. The three Sainins to be specific. Yes, even Orochimaru.

Well, first off, I'm a pervert. A HUGE pervert and I have that smart, wise side that not just anybody knows about. Like Jiraiya.

Then, like Tsunade, I am HOT-TEMPERED. Even the guys in my class are somewhat intimidated by me. I'm also quite strong for a girl.

Finally, there's OROCHIMARU. No, I am not obsessed with little boys and girls..... Unless, they're my cute little relatives or kittens. I am, however, somewhat twisted and manipulative. Enough for people to be wary of me anyway.
I'm like Sakura for sure, I got picked on by the mean girls....I used to be way to timid, I had a friend that I would trust, but I yearned to be acknowledged by one of the "big girls" and gave up my friendship for it.. ( worst mistake EVER, and I never got to say sorry...)

I was around the same age Sakura was when I did that too..I don't think the series "Naruto" was even in the states yet...or even Japan yet...Just Irony that I can relate to that feeling...I NEEDED that acknowledgment...but at what cost? not many people can relate to her past...I feel kinda odd for being that kind of girl... cat_sweatdrop

well... let's see, I think I suck at romance as well, no surprise there.. hopefully I will find a guy like Naruto and see him for who he is...but I'm freaking stubborn... gonk

I'm more of a hermit now when it comes to "love".... *sigh* ...

I remember when a bully was picking on my friend, I charged at him.. he was so scared, he later admited to me that he nearly s**t his pants... he actally respected me after I proved my self to not be a pushover... I remember him fondly as the bully/ almost friend from 3rd grade...ahh memories.. emotion_kirakira
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while my parents are still alive and I do not have a fascination for little boys we do share the same thoughts of death, and I understand his conquest for immortality.

And like someone mentioned earlier, I have a bit of manipulation and mischevious streak as well twisted
Id have to say Hinata. Im very shy. Not the average shy but REALLY REALLY shy. I cannot speak my mind and sometimes when I try to speak to someone my voice is too soft for them to hear so they end up ignoring me. Im a klutz not saying Hinata is one XD And well I have a strong heart like her. Also Im very weak and fragile but like Hinata when I show my true strength its not at all weak. Oh I have a stalkerish side lol but when I like someone I put all my effort to take care of the person and will support him no matter what. The thing with Naruto also, I have a thing for guys that are alone and misunderstood. idk I like watching after people
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naruto, because you can tick me off if you say the right words but I am positive and hyper most of the time
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Tsunade because I fail at keeping a level head and I have a dead husbando complex that has hurt my real-life relationship and crippled how I perceive men as a whole.

I also (had) a gambling/drinking problem, and happen to be tall and blonde. I am decidedly lacking in the JJ cup breasts (or whatever the ******** they are) though.

brb melting into a puddle of self-loathing.
Shikamaru on so many levels :/
I'm quite lazy I wont lie... and belive it or not, I actually do love laying outside and watching the sky. (Not necessarily the clouds though smile ) I'm really smart as well no joking, I'm the braniac of my little 4 people friend group, I would have straight A's if I wasn't too lazy to do the homework... >.> I'm very stratigical and am really good at solving puzzles as well. I've never lost at a game of chess biggrin or any other board game for that matter... sweatdrop
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I'm a mixture of characters actually

When I was small, I was a lot like Hinata. Shy and whatnot...

As I grew older, I became less of a "Hinata" and more of "Naruto", "Kushina" and "Shikamaru" type of girl. Lazy and relax on one side, but I like to have fun. And I questioned my looks like Kushina sometimes as well when I feel insecure about myself. v_v
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a combo of itachi/kakashi/kabuto

confident without arrogance
will sacrifice for those dear to me
I am Naruto
You are Naruto. You are very confident and believe in
yourself--especially if no one else does. Like Naruto, you
have a LOT of energy and are always ready to jump into a
new adventure. You don't have much of a "social filter" and
often just blurt out whatever is in your head withoutthinking about it first.
shika i'm lazy just like him
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Tenten, cause she's forgettable and not really great at anything haha

Really, I can't relate to any character in particular. I mean, I can relate to certain tendencies, but I don't resemble any of the characters I've seen. If anyone knows of a sarcastic, honest, paranoid, comfortable person who makes outrageous comments for shock value, let me know.

I'm Hinata in that I can never get the courage to talk to a crush, I'm Naruto in the childish sense, Sakura in that I want to stop being worthless and do something beneficial.

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