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Hmm. Kabuto and Sasuke are both at sannin level but they have no village and are rogue ninja so they can't be titled as sannin. However i do believe Sasuke could kick Kabuto's snake a** anyday. i do think that Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke should be the next great sannin. They should be the ones that the generation after Knohamaru's generation idolizes as the great sannin.
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Sasuke will win, because he has his p***y sharingan eyes.
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blah blah blah... yesh sasuke does have the [stke] p**** [strke] sharingan but that doesnt mean he is going to win... i mean he had the sharingan when he sparred with/lost to rock lee... so -shrug- just bcuz you can see your oppenent's movements doesnt mean anything. :p cool
Since Kabuto has no village, he's like a b*stard sannin student and doesn't deserve to be called one.
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hey FoundMyOldAccount you was wrong for tha cool but its completey understandable... i still say kabuto can be called a sannin, i mean he's a sage for crying out loud.
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I just have to point out that "3 legendary Sannin" is a bit redundant because "Sannin" translates to "three ninja" neutral
So you're saying "3 legendary 3 ninja".
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That makes 3 sets of triads. Lol

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