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Eh. I doubt there will be a flash back. Probably not showing him is the most likely thing.
Hm..Though the only way I could see Kakashi gaining the Mangekyo is when his best friend gave him the eye and also died. So couldn't that still count as they say you must kill your closest friend, well his closest friend did die and Kakashi had his eye.

And even though Kakashi has it, he surely would have went blind as well. Unless....He took both eyes. xD

Then that one eye wouldn't become blind. xD
Kaiser Khronos
lolol...if kakashi dies Choji is going to get so much hate mail...

"Why'd Kakashi save your fat a**! WHY?!?!"

" emo But my dad died..."

"Who cares?! Your dad ain't havin' mah babeh! I wanted sexorz with KAKASHI!!one!11"

Or something to that effect. smile


I think Inoichi is probably next on the list.
I also wonder what Danzou is up to.

...wtf. Wait. Minato = Pein/Pain?
TOO MANY THINGS GOING ON. gonk [/tinyattentionspan]
NO! DON'T DIE YET KAKASHI! FANGIRLS WILL DIE TOO! (though i'm not a fangirl)


i bet the whole nest chapter is going to be a flashback. i wouldn't be surprised if we got a small gaiden on him.
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What are you talking about Jiraya even train Naruto to control his fox. The fox wouldn't just listen to Naruto since he wants to take over the boy. Naruto can control the fox up to 4 tails, with 5 tails going over the limit, but I believe he can go that far by now.

I don't know what this kirin move is, since I don't remember him stating a name for when Naruto, Sakura, and Sai were at that area where they met Sasuke again. I do remember Orochimaru stating not to use said move, but I don't remember a name being stated.

Also, remember, Sasuke had the curse seal at the time and could control it up to level 2, but now that it is gone, I doubt he still had that power boost that it gave. And unlike Itachi, Sasuke always has his Sharingan on. Itachi even stated that he uses his sharingan wisely and doesn't fight if it isn't necessary But with Sasuke, he always fights, regardless as he has that 'no one get in my way' attitude.

Naruto may be head strong but he knows how to fight and he knows that his fox can be stop, as Yamato has told him.

And like I said, Sharingan is useless when you know how to beat it. Which isn't that hard. Shadow clones can take care of that.

And just like the frog style, Sharingan should only be used temporary. Yet Sasuke uses it in every fight. And remember when Sasuke return with Karin, Jungo, and Sunsui or whatever his name was, that when he sat down, he went to grab his glass and he missed it? And he also went to grab his eye. It shows the blindness is taking effect. And no amount of eye drops will save him. xD

And like I said, Sasuke couldn't even beat the 8th tail beast. He didn't even win. Kirabi tricked him and gave him a fake body, possibly a shadow clone or water clone. Sasuke didn't even win the match or even came close since, Karin was defeated(meaning he couldn't heal), Jungo loss quickly, Sunsui loss immediatly and Sasuke was weaken to the point where he couldn't even walk especially after using Amatasu or however it is spelled.

Yes, I know Naruto has his luck. But saying Naruto was cream is a understatement. Like I said before and how Naruto attitude was back then, it shows Naruto went easy on Sasuke. As I said before, why would Naruto want to kill Sasuke, like Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto. Remember he wanted to kill Naruto so he could get Mangekyo Sharingan. Naruto stated he would bring him back to the village alive, even if he had to drag him, meaning he would just knock him out. But he didn't use his full strength.

Also, unlike Naruto, Sasuke has only a limited amount of chakra. Remember it was stated that he had less than Sakura and Naruto.
*Gets on soapbox*First off-Naruto has 0 control over the fox. If he did, he wouldn't need Yamato around. His temper gets the best of him....ALL the time. As for the clones- those one hit kill bastards are soooo useless against Sasuke. The only way, they stand a chance of being even remotely useful against Sasuke, is if Naruto's Taijutsu levels were on Sasuke's or above. Maybe they could somehow grab him or something.......BUT WAIT! Sasuke can send an electric current through his whole body! Sure, sage arts are useful for his Taijutsu levels, but it's still only temporary.

As for the fight in the valley of the end-They BOTH held back! Sasuke even stated that "The only reason I didn't kill you then, was because I didn't want to give my brother the satisfaction of knowing I did what he wanted". And if you don't remember what Kirin was, it was that GIGANTIC 2-part elemental attack that he used on Itachi. The massive lightning Bolt he guided at him. It's just too damn big. Last but not least, his chakra levels. Just because he had the least out of team 7, doesn't mean he didn't have a decent amount. One last thing-He still stood toe to toe with the 8-tails, WITHOUT the use of a summon, unlike Naruto. He might not've won, but what does winning entail..? He won that ROUND. Hell, Gaara's not dead, so that would mean Naruto didn't really win over Gaara according to some logic
He was doing pretty fine controlling the fox during the Kakuzu fight. And he has gotten a lot more efficient with his clones since then.

Naruto won, because he got Garra to stop. Team Hawk lost, because they failed to capture Killerbee.
Naruto has more than 0 control over Kyuubi. confused

And Naruto didn't need to kill Gaara to win.
I think Naruto's control over the kyuubi is part himself and part the seal.
The seal might still be holding, but it's weakened over the years.
Bato, someone already explained most of that part, but thanks anyways. I was looking back in the chapters at the Naruto versus Orochimaru, Sasuke versus Itachi, and Jiraya's talk with the frog seal. When I say control, I should have corrected that and said it in a more clear way, by saying he is aware. I didn't mean he could control his body as the other beasts could. I just meant he was aware of what was going on.

And yea I remember that lighting move now. It was that thing where the sky was cloudy(after that building was destroyed in their fight).

To tell the truth, that move can be rendered useless. Since it is coming from the sky and doesn't seem to have that much of a range. (I am just guessing since from what I could tell, they were still in a closed area) And since it is electricity, all you need is metal to redirect the attack.

And Naruto's clones have the same visual concept as the original just like any other clone. Naruto tries not to rely on them now, as we see he is practicing on things other than ninjitsu.

And unlike Sasuke, Naruto has jutsu traits that help strengthen him and keep him battle ready. Sasuke can still only use Chidori twice(since I haven't seen him use it more than that, meaning any form of chidori as well). And after those two, he gets tired, which is not good. Amatasu is a move that CAN be avoided as it only destroys what is in the user's vision. And even still it didn't kill Karin and in my belief, she is weaker than Naruto, so the moments it hit her, before Sasuke weaken the ninjitsu with his right eye, it should have at least killed her.

And if you like to use technicalities, then lets talk about Karin helping people in the fight? He used her to heal himself and each time he was left wounded all over again. Kirabi didn't loss any fight. He grew bored of the match and went away. But as he saw how persistant they were, he sacrifice a part of his beast to get away. If Kirabi wanted to, he could have killed them all. Jugo was defeated to the point of his curse seal doing nothing. Suigetsu was defeated in one single blow by the 8 tailed beast. And Karin couldn't even move when Kirabi attacked her. It took a mortally wounded Sasuke to cut a piece of Kirabi to barely save her.

Unlike Naruto, Sasuke, as everyone says, is so powerful and stronger than Naruto. Yet Sasuke loss against Gaara's one tail raccoon, even after two chidoris and an attempt at a third one. Lets not forget the curse seal which gave him an extra boost.

Also, even though people claim that Sasuke's team hawk is so superior, why did they loss so easily? They didn't do ANY damage to Kirabi. He was unfazed even when they all went at him. He even said he used the battle as a ruse to get away from his village. He was tired of the village and wanted a break.

And as Kirabi stated, no genjtsu can work on a person who can control their beast. Which is probably what is going to happen with Naruto soon. He will probably have to fight his beast or do some sort of test to ultimately control it. Which gives him complete control of unlimited chakra.

Sasuke, on the other hand will have nothing. He will become blind, since he didn't take Itachi's eyes, most likely they were useless and couldn't be used no matter what he did. Two chidoris, brings him super low on chakra. Kirin, brings him completely low on chakra, Amataterusu(sp?) brings him completely low on chakra.

If Sasuke wants to get stronger, he must find a way to gain more chakra, which is impossible for him.

And if what you say is true, than Naruto is still better than Sasuke without the help of the Nine tails in any shape or form. Fukasaku states that Naruto is learning at a faster pace than Jiraya, a man who took on Pain the longest. And unlike Sasuke, Naruto can still fight will going hermit mode, a mode that brings him even more power. He is also perfecting a secret jitsu. He is becoming wiser, learning how to be calm, and many other things people have told him he shouldn't do. It seems Naruto is a changed man.

And like I said, Naruto can already remain chakra use in battle for a long time, even without the nine tails. Sasuke fights for like 20 minutes and after that he is through. He also uses a move that brings him past his limits which will be his downfall soon.

So basically, for now, Sasuke only uses taijitsu(well not really since he uses his sword more, which wouldn't be hand to hand combat or physical combat), chidori and chidori base attacks, MS, and Amatatsu. All moves, except the sword, unless he uses chidori sword, that brings his chakra down to nothing.

Naruto can use Rasengan as much as he needs to(but lets just make a limit at 4 times), he has a new secret jitsu, Itachi's power(lets remember how Sasuke barely won and all Itachi gave Sasuke was the Amatatsu), Hermit mode, Sage mode, Senjitsu in general, Rasengan, Spiraling Shuriken Rasengan, jutsus with Gamabunta, Great Ball Rasengan, Uzumaki taijutsu moves, Wind Rasengan.

Sure Sasuke has the almighty Kirin move, but to use it, you need to take the lighting from the clouds. And in all the time it takes to prepare such a move, it will show that Sasuke could never have enough time. All of Sasuke's moves are powerful, but they take an excess amount of time and chakra to pull them off, even Kirin, even if the move itself doesn't need chakra, since it is external, instead of elemental. To be lucky enough and have less time in preforming it, Sasuke would need to be on a mountain, have it already raining, or be lucky enough to hold Naruto down by some freak accident. But as we seen before, Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu are weak minded fools. Karin doesn't even have anything to protect herself. All she has is her stupid healing people through them biting her.

And thanks to Itachi, Sasuke loss his ability to summon snakes and use snake techniques.

Now I don't hate Sasuke. I mean I think he is a emo punk, but he is still needed in the show. But he isn't that powerful. Just because he beat Deidara, Itachi(barely, since he took a chance and gambled with his life), and Orochimaru(but he isn't truly dead), doesn't make him strong. I mean is Shikamaru super strong, because he beat Hidan. And Hidan is stronger than Deidara, sad but true.

Also, one last thing. Unlike, Naruto, Sasuke was trying and aiming to kill Gaara. Naruto isn't blind sighted and wanted to help Gaara, not kill him.

Tell me this, would you rather have more fighting, or to live in peace? If you choose the first one, then you live in Sasuke's world, if you choose the second one, you live in Naruto's world.
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I'm sure sasuke can use chidor more then twice by now, considering he trained for 2 and a half years straight. More then likely he has developed a higher chakra level.

Sasuke DOES have Itachi's eyes. Madara has already stated that, he asked sasuke if he was going to implant them, and I think he may have because he has a super mangyeko like madara. If you hadn't noticed kakashi and itachi's mangyeko both lokked pretty much the same and so did madara's until he transfered his brothers eyes.

Madara has also agreed to give sasuke a tailed beast of his own, and he may or may not get that. He may even train with madara you never know.

You can't take examples from the first part of the series to get a gauge on sasuke's strength. He has more jutsu and has been training with orochimaru who taught him almost everything, back then he knew nothing. Naruto trained with Jiraiya back then so he had a huge advantage.

In my opinion, when it comes down to them fighting they will be equil in strength just because everytime one gets stronger so does the other.

Since people seem to have forgotten:
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No Sasuke stated he wasn't gonna take Itachis eyes.
I am basing my knowledge from both parts of the series, not just the first part.

Sasuke has Itachi's eyes, but he didn't implant them into his own. He even stated that he wanted to see the future with his own eyes and that he couldn't do it with his brothers.

Edit: What you just posted explains nothing, but what Madara asked Sasuke. And as I said, Sasuke stated he wasn't going to use them, because he wanted to see the future through his own eyes and that he couldn't do it through his brothers. Not an exact translation but it gets the point across.
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Your not thinking about who sasuke is. If he was to go blind he WILL use the eyes just as he used orochimaru's power, when it comes down to it and he needs Itachi's eyes he will use them. Why else would he keep them?
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No Sasuke stated he wasn't gonna take Itachis eyes.

He already took them from the body.. cause Zetsu nomed on itachi after he died. so he has the eyes..somewhere oO

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