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Just because I'm bored, and I'd like to know how many other people out there ship SasuSaku(like me XD) or the rival ship NaruSaku, I'm creating this thread so we can discuss why we like these pairings or why we don't like these pairings. So....discuss away my lovelies!!

In case others don't know,

SasuSaku= SasukexSakura

NaruSaku= NarutoxSakura
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</3 x Your thread
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I don't really like either.
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Sasuke and Sakura both deserve to be forever alone. Not alone together, just alone.
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Neither. Sakura is in a lesbian relationship with me.

Sasuke and Naruto are also my boyfriends.
I'm not really sure. I'm leaning more towards Sasuke x Sakura, but I like either one.
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I like Hinata x Sasuke

quote me if I care, I like those 2 just because, I love my randomness emotion_awesome
sasuke x sakura.
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I just want to see Sasuke die alone.
Or naruhina.... I love hinata
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Naruto deserves the girl he loves cx heart
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SasuSaku (OTP GOODEHNESS). I'm not expecting them to end up together, but if Sasuke had to end up with someone it'd be Sakura, or Naruto. Sakura had the devotion and would constantly put up with his arrogance and his crap. Even now after he's gone full on cray cray berserkies she still loves him (or so it seems).

But this is if Kishi gives the series an ending where Sasuke's redeemed, and all that.

As for NaruSaku... not a fan, but I can put up with it just as long as a fan of the pairing doesn't go around saying it's canon and s**t. If this pairing actually happens it would kinda ruin the ending for me, because I don't really want a cliche happening. Especially when Sakura begged him to bring Sasuke back. if Kishi goes on with the redemption ending route, I don't think Sakura will jump into Naruto's arms and go 'OHHHH YOU SAVED SASUKE LET'S GET MARRIED NAO WHEE', but that's just how I see it.

Anything's possible in the Narutoverse... anything. e.e
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bittersweet music
I like Hinata x Sasuke

quote me if I care, I like those 2 just because, I love my randomness emotion_awesome
scream scream Blasphemy!!!!!!!! NaruHina ;_; Imma love seeing the full scene in the new movie where Hinata tells Sakura needs implants.

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