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sucks c**k

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Gaa Hina can be a dramatic and exciting relationship. Confrontational in nature, it fosters an atmosphere in which both Hinata and Gaara will attempt to use their persasive powers to get from each other exactly what they're after. In general, Hinata relies on quiet insistence, while Gaara tends to be more emotionally overwhelming. Both can be extremely persuasive and charming, but since they're both deeply knowledgable, and they usually prepare their arguments thoroughly in advance, and they do not need to rely on the force of their personalities alone. Love affairs of this type are beguiling, enchanting—and filled with illusion. Beneath the romantic facade, some pretty heavy emotional manipulation may be going on, often out of fear that affections will be discontinued or misplaced.

Judgment on GaaHina, not Gaara and Hinata.
Relationship strengths: charming, convincing, amusing
Relationship weaknesses: manipulative, dishonest, and untrustworthy
They’d need to be careful of getting what they wanted, as they could very easily be fooling themselves. Both are desperate for love, they’d need to also consider the ethical implications of their actions. A partner should be your ‘number one’, not your ‘good enough’.


Gaa Saku may manifest a secretiveness and sense of privacy that isolate its partners in a protective cocoon, keeping them a bit out of touch with the world yet safe from the glare of public scrutiny. Much time will be spent building a safe haven for the relationship, whether metaphorically or literally. Gaara would bring out the most dynamic and outgoing tendencies in Sakura, who shines in his presence. Although Gaara has a powerfully dark and eruptive side, his more unstable and violent tendencies are soothed rather than aggravated by Sakura’s energy, because he finds innocent and childlike energies disarming (i.e. Naruto). As lovers these two can reach the heights of passion, as friends they can attain the deepest levels of mutual understanding and sympathy. Care should be taken, however, not to fall prey to sex and love addictions. In this relationship it may be absolutely necessary to avoid drugs and alcohol, which will spread its already excessive flames still higher.
Also it should be noted that these two would be horrible co-workers, as they would distract each other from the task at hand, not necessarily positively, either.
Judgment on GaaSaku, not Gaara and Sakura.
Relationship strengths: exciting, protective, sympathetic
Relationship weaknesses: excessive addictive, chaotic.
They need to bring more order into life, and stay in contact with the world. Do not close this relationship off from others. (considering Gaara's upbringing and personality, this may be a problem).
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I like Sakura, she's like Hinata in the way that she can take a lot of BS but she's more outgoing. I love how her hair's pink and she is a medical ninja and has super-strength. I can't see how people can hate her. They focus in on one thing and say they hate her, it's stupid. I think that SasuSaku could work but GaaSaku, there's a chance. I also think that NaruHina is the only one that would work out. She's my favorite character besides Hinata and Tsunade. whee
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Sakura just annoys me in general. But then again, two each is their own.
sakura's my favorite character... though i havent really been paying attention to the series lately... too busy
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well it is a group effort so u know a little bit of both
sakura is annoying
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Sakura's constant self pity bothers me.
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Sakura's constant self pity bothers me.

While self pity can be quite bothersome, you have to consider that her self pity is only because she feels she can't help the people she loves and wants to protect.
I luv Sakura. I think she's awesome! My favorite couple is GaaSaku!!!

For me sakura is ok!!!!! she only cares about SASUKE SASUKE EWWWW!!!! Kinda!!!!! ninja
shes pretty cool
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I like how she shouts "Cha!" Cha means tea in Japanese! Lol! I just wish she did more than just healing/medical ninjutsu and ridiculously strong punches, though. She's an okay character to me.
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I luv Sakura. I think she's awesome! My favorite couple is GaaSaku!!!

For me sakura is ok!!!!! she only cares about SASUKE SASUKE EWWWW!!!! Kinda!!!!! ninja

in shippuden she gets over Sasuke

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