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I died. 0.020408163265306 2.0% [ 1 ]
HASHIRAMA. 0.30612244897959 30.6% [ 15 ]
Obito, you're done kid. 0.040816326530612 4.1% [ 2 ]
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I wrestled a bear once, AND LIKED IT. 0.040816326530612 4.1% [ 2 ]
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Madara is defeated for sure now haha
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Oh dear, it'll be hard for the first to know that Madara Bisected his granddaughter.
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"I killed Itachi" was probably easier to say then "I watched Itachi die in front of me due to some mysterious disease before I passed out",
(In which Tobirama would probably say "-snort- What a p***y." )

And yeah, Obito. He's crawling in his skin just because Kakashi killed a possible Kirigakure spy. I wouldn't be surprised if the truth was that Rin was just a spy that went native and wanted Kakashi to kill her to protect the village.


1. Yep. I agree with you there. Sasuke can't kill Itachi cause Itachi is just too strong for him. : P Itachi was so strong that only nature could kill him off.

2. Exactly my thoughts about Rin. Cause it's either that or she has some unknown super power which woulda probably god-modded anyone who wishes to use her : P I am leaning more towards the spy theory. >.>
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Itachi -ox
Itachi -ox

Great chapter too.

Now let's wait for Sasuke's 4th question for Minato.

I said don't quote the main post.
Anyways, I agree. I really want to see a reaction to, "Naruto is my son."

Sasuke would probably be like:


b) "Hn. So that's another reason why he's so strong and special [special as in strong jutsus and stuff]"

or c) No opinion cause he doesn't care about the answer. : P
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Heroic Zeke
my question is what happened to itachis eyes in sasuke there just his now... did he cast them aside intill he decides what hes gonna do?

Hmm? Sasuke had Itachi's eyes implanted before the Shinobi World War hence why he had bandages on before the Kabuto fight. He deliberately asked Obito to replace his eyes with Itachi's.

Why he's just using his default Mangekyou instead of the Eternal Mangekyou is probably just because he has no reason to go that level yet. He couldn't control his silly emotions when the Senju Bros were calling him a child. HE'S WEARING BIG BOY PANTS.


Yep. Cause big boys don't listen to anyone and go destroy any who gets in their way of their goals. In Sasuke's case, THE DESTRUCTION OF KONOHA EVEN THOUGH BIG BRO DOESN'T WANT HIM TO.

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Meh, my personal opinion of this chapter was... it's mediocore?

Cause Kishimoto is just starting to bring back people who are suppose to be dead :////

Though it is nice to see how the past Hokages were like. Especialy the First. He ain't got no backbone against his brother Lol.

I also I find the First's personality a little bit cute. He's so super strong in the eyes of others but can be easily depressed. Especialy at the thought of Tsunade running the village Lol. Though I am actually surprised that he's the one who taught her how to gamble. Trolololol bad grandfather. For some reason though I can totally imagine him teaching her how to gamble when she was a kid O.O"' His reaction to Minato was funny smile He's like "WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY." then he's like "HELL YEAH! THE VILLAGE IS STILL ALIVE!!!! XD"

The Second's so serious. And he's also kind of a douchebag towards the Uchihas Lol. Plus.... he created the basis for Edo Tensei.... and forgot to seal its knowledge away..... and then unwittingly gave Tobi and Kabuto a chance to have an army of dead people.
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I enjoyed this chapter, actually. The First and the Second. XD

And LOL. I laughed so hard at Suigetsu's face. He looked so curious. That s**t was hilarious.

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