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The Sh3t Storm
The Sh3t Storm
Kurama's body is back with Naruto now presumably. Huge power boost right there.

Oro now has the power to change the entire war if he wants to. But it depends on what the Hokages tell Sasuke and who he wants to side with.

I kinda wanna see Minato vs Naruto.

Except Minato sealed half of Kurama within himself.

He sealed it inside himself with the Shiiki Fuujin, aka it's free now.

I'm not really sure where people are getting the idea that Minato sealed half of Kurama inside himself. Yes, he split Kurama's chakra into Yin and Yang. Yes, he sealed the Yang inside Naruto, but there is no mention at all that the Yin was sealed inside Minato. What was done instead was that the Yin chakra along with Minato's soul was fed to the Shinigami as part of the requirements of using it.

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When he says "seal", he's referring to the Shiki Fujin. He's feeding the chakra to the Shiki Fujin. He's not going to use that one particular sealing jutsu that he used to seal the Yang chakra inside Naruto on himself and then feed himself to the Shiki Fujin. Users of the Shiki Fujin are sealing their target (and themselves) into the Shinigami's tomach.

Doesn't matter. 3rd sealed 1st and 2nd hokage in his clones, and orchimaru arms was sealed in the original, yet he got his arms back

Sealed WITH, not IN. Big difference. Hiruzen used his clones to pull Hashirama and Tobirama's souls out of their bodies and Hiruzen attempted to do the same with Orochimaru but only ended up with part of his soul. The summoner/caster's soul is the tool, battery, and payment necessary for using the Shiki Fujin.

Using Minato as a visual example, when the user of the Shiki Fujin calls out the Shinigami, they are using him to extract the target's soul. The end result is the Shinigami's dinner plate.
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Now the real question is that since the Release jutsu was used which apparently empties out the contents of the Shinigami's stomach, was the Yin chakra even released since 5 soul wisps were released; four belonging to the Hokage and the fifth belonging to that particular part of Orochimaru's soul that was sealed away to prevent him from using advanced jutsu like the Edo Tensei.

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Considering Madara can only be defeated by Hashirama, and Hashirama is now here...
we've got the end of the war coming wink

Except sure Madara was defeated long ago by Hashirama, but he was experimenting on himself and powering up his aged decrepit self with Hashirama's corpse. The newly revived Madara has all of this and is also in his prime. What Hashirama fought before was just a Madara that had the power of the Eternal Mangekyou. The Madara today has the Eternal Mangekyou, the Rinnegan, and Hashirama cells.
iLord Orochimaru

When Suigetsu mentions about destroying Konoha and helping Orochimaru....Did anyone notice that Orochimaru ******** SMILED IN A NONE KILLING/CRAZED/THREATENING way with a gleam in his eye of just ******** 'IM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYZ"?

"You are no longer my snakes."

Oh my ******** god, Orochimaru.
Just ******** say, "You are no longer my children," and make us fan girls proud. DO IT. JUST DO IT. LIKE YOU TOLD KABUTO.

That feel when you realize that Orochimaru viewed the creme of his crop/village as his children.

Ssssssh. Just let is sink in.

Yes, Orochimaru does seem like he is looking and acting like a proud dad.

I'm thinking that this version of Orochimaru (of which is the version of Orochimaru's consciousness that he saved inside Anko's Curse Seal) is the Orochimaru without the degrading craziness and desperation. The crazy part that was in OrochimaruPrime was sealed away by Itachi and the Totsuka.

Unless the new and improved Orochimaru outright references his experience inside the eternal genjutsu of the Totsuka and his sealing away by Itachi, I could be wrong. In any case, I like the nicer milder seemingly-less-genocidal Orochimaru.
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Itachi -ox
Listen to Satan
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LOL? This world is nothing but butt toots and I will have no part of it. Everything and everyone associated with it is trash and the only thing funny is that trash thinks it has a purpose. Nothing as foul as these false hope fondlers clinging on to false realities, being the butt gas that they are.
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I betcha when Minato sees Obito he'll be all like, "I wonder what else I did wrong in life......"
*cue ridiculous but funny flashback of Fourth Hokage's errors*
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All I can say about this chapter… holy s**t… Minato. I don’t even give a ******** that the other hokages were revived, ******** Minato has been revived. Naruto is gonna probably have to fight against his own father this is so messed up. Agreed with op, any chapter without Obito and his emo speeches is a great chapter.
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