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I'm a fan of NaruHina, but I'm not going to have a heartattack if NaruSaku or even NaruSasu ends up canon, or even NONE of them.

As long as the bad guys are beaten and the Shinobi world is made peaceful, anyone can f*** anyone, I dont care!

haha I can agree with the first statement, but honestly, if its one of those endings where the bad guys are beaten, and the characters that like each other smile at each other, and the rest is left up to the imagination, I'm going to be pissed.
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NONE! BECAUSE I'm ******** tried of these threads ;_;
I think it should be Hinata, because I wink don't really like Sakura.
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Official HinataHyuga
NONE! BECAUSE I'm ******** tried of these threads ;_;

Threads like these molest these forums.
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NaruHina all the way. Sakura is selfish and cries too much.
NaruHina if you watched episode 166 she was fighting to protect naruto and she even confessed her love to him and said the exact same thing he said which was "i stand by what i say because thats my ninja way" it rhyms but its what he said and besides Naruto And Hinata Were Made For Eachother
I like NaruSaku better because the ones who argue usually end up and I also see how they have been friends forever.Hinta is adorable and knows how to kick butt when she wants to but I say thet since Naruto fights alot and is usually the one that haves to eisk his life for everyone I think that if he ever dies or something bad happens to him Hinata could not bear it. I think that evern if she loves him Sakura could get over it easier.But that is just my opinion
personally, i'm a Naruhina fan, but sadly the way that kishi puts it and the naruto franchise puts it, the relationship is more of a NaruSasu.
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NaruHina all the way heart

NaruSaku sucks and it's the worst pairing I had ever seen wahmbulance
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i prefer naruhina they look so adorable and sakura and naruto there more on family standards to me. i used to be a narusaku but not anymore!
Narusaku all the way for me. she is very unselfish when it comes to Naruto, being that her dislike of him was just a misunderstanding in the first place, and how often we see her admiring his skills.

yea, Hinata admired him too,but we get around 5 panels just in part 1 Naruto of Sakura saying how he has grown so much, and it makes her happy for him. some people act like she abusing him..when? she never abuses him! scream

I can only assume your taking the comic punches out of context. stare it's no diffrent from Keiko slapping Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho, or Akane trying to "kill" Ranma ( anime/Manga Ranma 1/2)

or any other Shounen with a Tsundere girl in it.


Sakura would give her life for Naruto, she has already tried to save his life many times, and cried over his pain. ( which btw, is NOT a weakness, it's called compassion.)

Ps, I find that link to be very helpful,hope you like it. 3nodding
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Both pairings are made of fail. stare
If you want an objective explanation, let me know.
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of course naruhina !!
i think this is the best couple in this manga....
jaka mars
of course naruhina !!
i think this is the best couple in this manga....

don't you want Hinata to be with someone who loves her back? Naruto see's Hinata as a sister. not a lover.

and the Manga is clearly showing Sakura falling for Naruto, so to me, Narusaku is the best. since it has the most mutual development, which all the other pairings lack might I add. pirate

reminds me of Minato and Kushina. heart

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