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Itachi 0.29337539432177 29.3% [ 93 ]
Deidara 0.13880126182965 13.9% [ 44 ]
Sasori 0.097791798107256 9.8% [ 31 ]
Gaara 0.30599369085174 30.6% [ 97 ]
Sasuke 0.16403785488959 16.4% [ 52 ]
Total Votes:[ 317 ]
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Of course Itachi. The dude is just awesome!
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All of the above ^-^ Except Sasuke -_-
D'aww there all emotion_awesome
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Gaara is sexy! Believe it! 3nodding heart
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I thing Itachi is the coolest, but I love Gaara so I voted for him. Just 'cause I'm loyal to my favorite, but Itachi is the "coolest" in my opinion...c:
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User Image
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Such a hard decision
Its between Itachi, Sasuke and Deidara
But Itachi wins emotion_bigheart
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Itachi for sure.
Deidara and Sasori
My Uchiha sons: Itachi and Sasuke. heart
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Mmm, Gaara, most definately. Sasori's awesome, too, but Gaara shall forever remain the object of all my fangirl-esqe fantasies xDD
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dark-spirited Bakura

Deidara's the youngest member of the Akatsuki, which is quite an accomplishment. He became an S-class at probably around the age of 13-15, maybe younger, so he's obviously quite skilled. He's cocky and sarcastic, and loves taking on challenges. He's not afraid to argue his side in an argument and is extremely dedicated, mostly to his art. He had the potential to take down Gaara one on one and to nearly kill Sasuke, which is saying something. He was shown to have extreme stamina; he was able to keep on going after taking on Gaara, participating in the Bijuu sealing, fighting Kakashi and Naruto, losing both arms, and running from Team Gai when they were on his tail. Although he was weak in Taijutsu, his other skills greatly compensated for that fact. He was also able to train his left eye to counter Genjutsu, which isn't something just anybody can do. All in all, Deidara is pretty powerful and not given enough credit, which is one of the reasons I support him so much.

Those enough reasons? Also he's crazy.... that's another thing that makes him awesome....

Finally some one who gets me biggrin
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Can't i just have all of them gonk
I seriously love all of them emotion_bigheart psychotic characters are awesome ahaha~

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