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Kabuto. Hopefully before the series even started. He's more psychopathic than Julius Caesar. Like, God, man. Take a chill pill.
Hanzo and Danzo, if they weren't already dead. I blame them for almost everything bad that happened in the series. If you trace it back far enough, it all leads to them.

Who else....?
The Akatsuki lackies who let themselves succumb to mind-control.
Kinda wanna kill the Third for telling Orochimaru that his parents will come back.... (Before he tells Little Oro that, obvs) Other than H&D, he's the only villian in the series.
Oh, and Fugaku. He's a big villian, too.

EDIT: And those dickbags who kidnapped Sakumo's teammates. If he didn't have to save them he could've stopped whatever Shinobi World War was going on at the time (I want to say Second?) in it's tracks, preventing Hanzo from invading Amegakura and blahdee blah blah.
Kabuto. THe sooner they kill him, the faster the story will finally move on ...
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i kill random ninja number 3 hes had it to good for to long stressed
people say hinata. i won't argue with ya but without her Naruto wouldn't b alive. Anyway Kabuto snake form. CREEPY
Probobly Ino, Sakura ,or Sasuke they are all over dramatic.Sasuke is just a moron who needs to relize what he's really doing.
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Kill Sasuke. So the series can just ******** end or actually get somewhere. scream
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Sasuke because he's a whiny b***h.
right off the bat i would have to say...Sasuke, fan-girl Sakura, and Kabuto
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You could say i hate him soooo much, that im obbessed.
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Tobi/Madara/HulkHogan or whoever he is. I just hate him. question ?
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I would really kill the Raikage (Killer Bee's Brother), I really detest him. I would also kill Sakura because she wanted Naruto to go after Sasuke and now she just wants him to forget Sasuke. I would also kill Karin she seems utterly useless in the show. Kabuto really needs to die because of the kiss up act Kabuto showed to Orichimaru which really pissed me off.Most definitely kill Sasuke that selfish ***** who just needs to realize his actions, going all power hungry just 'cause he has Sharingan which makes him seem all high and mighty.
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Danzo is already dead, so.. ..Sakura can die.
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Kill Sasuke. So the series can just ******** end or actually get somewhere. scream

Couldn't agree with you more, the series is starting to drag out

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