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Your avi confuses me.
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Unbeatable Gekko

"I would be Kisame...

I love water jutsus, and I find him amazing.

... .w. I'm the only one who'd wanna be Kisame?
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Interesting Genius

nagato so I could almighty push any jutsu so basically no one could defeat me
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Aged Sex Symbol

Konan so I could kill Nagato in his sleep and avoid a metric shitton of bullshit. And I would have had ample opportunity to have hawt, taboo teacher/student relations with Jiraiya.

Deidara comes in a close second, because tongue hands. I don't care what gender you are, anyone who says they wouldn't utilize those to the fullest extent is lying.
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I wouldn't mind being Sasori only because he used puppets and he was a puppet himself.

But I think I would love to be Hidan. I thought it was quite awesome to form a link between the bodies by just indigesting one drop of blood. And the fact that he was immortal. Though the downside would be that he would have to be in the curse circle to perform his attacks.
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Dangerous Lunatic

Deidara, because explosives and tongues.

Or Nagato because of the Six Paths of Pain. He's just so OP.

Or maybe Sasori / Hidan because they're both immortal.

Or even Kisame because of Samehada, and his water jutsu and the fact that he can summon sharks.

Bleh, they're all awesome.
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with tongues in his palms i bet he pulls chicks
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Konan, I love her techniques and Jutsu, plus I thought she was invincible when she turn into paper. She would have beaten Obito if it wasn't for Kamui OTL
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Uchida Yama
...Who would you be?
think about it.
It doesn't matter if they're a former member, or if they are dead.
Which character would you be and why?

(Side note:, if there's a topic about this already, i'm sorry. ninja )

Itachi of course.
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I would be Hidan, but not as arrogant and snarky.
side note this Has been done before but it's All cool :3

And i would be ititachi but i wouldn't die because i would of killed sasuke when i sluttered the village of the uchiha. no way in hell i'd let him live scream scream scream
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deidara because he likes to blow things up, i mean, who doesnt like a good ol fashioned explosion
Tobi, bend through time/space. Who wouldn't wanna try that out
Tobi, bend through time/space. Who wouldn't wanna try that out

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