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Making the Hero of Destiny emotion_donotwant


And I feel so sorry for Kakashi.
Like seriously do you think he ment to kill Rin ?

Not to mention that I have way more respect of Kakashi because he had to live with that guilt but he's still stayed a good guy .
I don't blame him at all it's still Obito fault because he turned all evil, and s**t .

Did you guys see the hints like this one

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Hmmmm Oh Madara you so bad xDD

WHERE ******** IS MINATO ?

And why do I have a dollar in my hand . _ .

^ w ^ I'm going to the store.

But seriously though guys THINK for a second here. It's Rin fault to for not being careful s**t xDD
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minato has a date with kushina while kakashi and rin was sent out on that dangerous mission. go blame the third instead biggrin
those where just white zetus
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The Zetsu said Minato was on another mission and that was my they were alone
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I'm not blaming anyone until Kakashi starts talking.
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Don't blame him, hes BA
Minato actually made a mistake for once? Holy s**t
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Minato was busy making the protagonist.

You really can't blame him.
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Someone must always be blamed...
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Itachi -ox
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That's what she said. (just think about it.... LOL)
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I think I'm going to read the chapters over and over
and over and more over again and look at this gif until something pop out of my head.
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NOT TO MINATO (he's my fav.)

wasn't he in a mission or something?
oh wait never mind

until kakashi says something

IS NOT MINATO'S FAULT emotion_donotwant

I'm pretty sure there's a explanation why kakashi did that. (they were kids we can't blame them if someone was using them)

and the epic moment if kakashi says rin was a traitor or something emotion_awesome


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Everyone looks messed up during these chapters. Rin, Obito and the whole turd costume, Kakashi, and Madara.
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Mitsuki Horenake
I'm not blaming anyone until Kakashi starts talking.

I agree!! 3nodding
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Actually Obito is a good guy, he's just wanting to recreate things with a moon.

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