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Your blatant advertising is annoying.
Honestly, people who say sakura is useless are probably misogynistic (or have internalized misogyny) because sakura has done loads for the series as a strong female character. Didn't anyone learn that medical ninjas are the more important people because of their abilities? Sakura learning medical ninjutsu and her entire character development towards the end of pre-shippuden naruto was so important to her character learning how to depend on herself and how to protect the ones she loves. So many naruto fans completely miss that part of her story and development and only think of her as a lovesick puppy who can't hold her own in battle (which she has held her own in battle a lot but of course, sakura haters are going to find any excuse to hate her). While kishimoto is terrible at representing dynamic and diverse female characters, sakura is overall a very great leading female character and I don't trust anyone who calls her useless. She plays a very important role in the team 7 dynamic and being a median between sasuke and naruto.
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I only read the manga at this point.

Yeah, she gets my respect because she's strong and she's willing to sacrifice herself for Team 7. She's funny too, though. You gotta give her that.
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One thing I don't get.
Sakura is definitely not useless. emotion_omnomnom
So many people keep on saying she is, though.
Like, gurrl, have you even watched shippuden? emotion_bigvein
Ohkay. I'm done. Your turn.

I love Sakura Haruno!! heart I don't know why they say all those stuff about her. Okay, yes in the beginning she wasn't very strong but now she's a medical ninja and her teacher is Tsunade and people should just close their mouths about her because she's awesome! She proved that she was strong when she fought Sasori and when she did the bell test with Naruto and Kakkashi.
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I don't hate her I just hate she is always beating on Naruto, sweatdrop She has quite the temper that pinkette lol
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RIP grammar.
Sakura for the Win! Seriously, the woman is awesome!
I'm highly impressed with Sakura's current performance in the series! She has finally progressed to a level I had never imagined she could attain....
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I wouldn't say Sakura's useless, but I also wouldn't say she's one of the best characters in the series. She's about average. And to say that anyone who says Sakura is useless is misogynistic is just plain stupid. It's an opinion, that doesn't really define their stance on women.

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