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Good God, this is so funny I'm trying not to violate the noise ordinance up here!

Anyways....*koff* I'd havta say Gaara and Shikamaru and Kushina.

Gaara kept on dealing with s**t longer than Naruto, eventually overcame it, and despite thinking that both of his parents hated him, he was still pretty optimistic. Also, he's the only one who had the balls to Kono, whereas everyone else (specifically A and Ohnoki) were being whiny a** post-menopause women about it 'cuz they didn't want to share their power blah-blah-blah.

Shikamaru's traits are what I honestly want in a man. He's pretty much the most dependable out of all of them. Plus, my friends have proclaimed me to be the real life Shikamaru. Also, that hair....Pineapples.

Kushina is like my mom. except she's a little more extreme. But I like her endurance factors, both mental and physical.