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kit katz674
It's 12:00 am around right now and a huge akatsuki come-back came to me for some reason. I stopped watching naruto a while ago cause every awethem person dropped DEAD! Sorry I have my moments but now i'm sort of getting back into it. So, who's the best person in the organization?

P.S. I can't seem to choose a guy help me! Too hard!

Fav girl in whole Naruto series
Konan of course haha surprise!

Love to draw them btw

Itachi all day
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Here is the order for my liking fo the members:

1) Hidan all the way in the number one spot...crazy is so much fun

2) Kakuzu

3) Zetsu

4) Deidara

5) Pain

6) Kisame

7) Konan

8 ) Tobi/Madara

9) Sasori (He'd be rated higher if his original appearance was his true appearance and persona)

10) In last is Itachi (yes all the fangirls out there will hate me for this one)

yup you betcha that peeps are gona hate you ( on your part from me) it's okay I pretty much love all the guys but the only member that surpasses all of their ranks to me is Konan cause she just that awesome!
itachi 3nodding
gotta go with Kakuza, Itachi is my second fav though
I loved Deidara before he died, he was just one of my favourite characters in general. 3nodding Also in the manga I'm starting to warm up to Itachi because of the whole bromance thing Sasuke. blaugh
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Itachi, Konan & Pain. heart
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My lil Diedara kun! emotion_kirakira
Also a littlw bit of Itachi as well ;3
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I'm a total Zetsu fan ~ heart I dun know why... hes cool... and he;'s my character when i roleplay the akatsuki... ^/////^

AND TOBI BECAUSE TOBI IS A GOOD BOY..... and him and zetsu are my fav akatsuki yaoi couple... hurr.... yeah... whee
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Tobi of course!!! after all, he is secrelty evil whee
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My favorite at first was Deidara but I found much respect for Kisame after his death.
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Itachi all the way heart

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