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ok so when Garra Died I cryed i mean come on it wasnt fair that no one really loved him and all that jazz heart heart heart well i love you Garra heart heart heart heart heart
also i cryed like a baby when Sasuke left
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YES, funny thing is i had an opticians appointment and they said my eyes are dry and recomended me drops! I wasted all my Tears on Gaara, itachi and haku. sad
But yes i did cry. crying
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Nah, I knew he had too much plot shield to stay dead. emotion_yatta
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i didnt emotion_omnomnom
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I'm not one for crying, but.... Yes. I did. crying
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It was sadder when he came back lol
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Did I'd looked like I cryed?
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But he didn't die. He survived, and I knew he would because I read the manga description before seeing the episode, so, no, I didn't cry
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Oh for a smecond i thought I'd missed somethimg and he really was dead
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i was mad, but then i remembered reading the manga and then i was happy... i didnt cry tho
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Nope i knew that they would get him back but id be sad if deidara died cuz hes boss :3
yes because gaara is my favoirt person in naurto heart
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