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Nice. I saw a video on youtube where some of the voice actors introduced themselves. only, you couldn't understand half of what they were saying.
i like naruto.... i'll go for sand or maybe water.
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Omg, so awesome eek
BELIEVE IT! scream

Ha! XD Believe it! Oh, and I love ur signature. "Darkness Derpity Derp."
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Hey gang!

I hope you all check out my latest Gaia blog because I have a very special treat for all you Naruto fans on Gaia!

I had the opportunity to speak with Maile Flanagan at Otakon! As you all probably know, she does the English voice acting for the character Naruto Uzumaki. Being the ultra-cool lady that she is, she has a special shout out to all you Gaians who love Naruto... and in the voice of Naruto too!

I hope you enjoy this, and have a fantastic weekend my little ninjas!

Sensei out,


yay naruto ^^
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Wow, awesome (:
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Thanks a million!! And one more thing, NARUTO FTW!!!!!!!!!
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Best. Show. EVER!!!
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The Sharingan's true power..


Ah thats who is behind Naruto's voice thankssiskataya.


....My power Uchiha Madara!

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OMG!(: exclaim
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I really enjoyed it.
I wish I could actually meet her, she's so lucky to voice Naruto. She seems pretty cool, you're lucky to have gotten to meet her. I like how she makes his voice charachterize Naruto, as crazy and rough. She's really amazing at what she does.

Btw, I like your Kakashi cosplay, Sisky! It looks nice.
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That just made my year!
I must've watched it about 4 times now.It's really awesome :3

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