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Name: a**l bead buster
Type: all elements
Rank- PSSSSHHHH over 9,000
User- Me baby... Me
Description: Too awesome to put into words.
Weakness: If the victim poops while it is being used on them.
Name:Wind Release: Gold Sand Cyclone
User- 4th Kazekage, Gaara, Sasori, Temari
Description: The Gold Sand Cyclones creates a force as a tornado would by combining wind and sand being able to use that destructive power to be able to take down quite a few enemies.
Weakness:The only weakness is that by using this Technique, It levels our chakra to about half, Which means it's hazardous to use more then twice.
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Name: Fire Release-Inferno Fire Rain Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: J┼Źnin-level
Users: Hatake Kakashi and The Uchiha clan
Description: When this jutsu is activated, it releases fire into the air as if it were rain and can hit any enemy in a 45 feet range.
Weakness: When the user has a low chakra level.
Name: Water Release; A Hundred Water Slugs
Rank- S Class
Description: What starts out a large sphere of water will divide in size and number each time the opponent tries to break, or block, the attack. When the water leeches onto the opponent, it's a slug-shaped droplet which leeches onto the body-- the clinging water slows your movement down by 5 times the original speed, and if unlucky, a slug may land on your nose and mouth. Getting the slugs off in time is not impossible-- but hard to do when you're slower than usual. In the end it's a matter of whether 2 huge slugs, or a hundred smaller slugs are leeching at you.
History: The user who first used this attack once fought against a person who managed to split the water sphere into a hundred slugs before succumbing, which is why it was named as it is.
Weakness: Fire attacks will be able to weaken the attack, and if strong enough (at the same rank), constant waves of fire would be able to evaporate the attack completely. Broad-based walls of wind might be able to repel the attack to another direction completely, reverting the direction of the attack to the conjurer of the jutsu (although slices of wind will just divide the sphere).
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Name: Acid Clone Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Kage
Description: Just like any other clone Jutsu only, the clones are made up of a highly toxic acid that burns and eats away with contact. It melts all weapons thrown at it.
Weakness: Well it is acid, so it's not toxic and doesn't burn the user, but still absorbs every drop of Chakra.
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The name is WTFnoJutsu.
It's a genjutsu.
It puts you through 45 hours of a naked man dancing in front of you and rubbing your face.
Name: Wind release: Invisiblade
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank- S-Rank(?)
Description: This jutsu is wind, so it's almost invisible, but of course there's chakra involved. It spirals or surrounds the opponent, making cuts as it goes by. It can even wrap around and act like strings that are tightening, cutting you up, even to pieces. They a sharp as blades. Since it is wind, if you combine fire, it makes it more intense. Burning, while cutting.
Weakness: Ano... Unknown!
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Name:50 kicks of hurt(i know razz kinda stupid name)
Description: Rapid fire 50kicks(Similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1CyyQKjXdw&feature=related )
Weakness:kawamiri jutsu
Name: Fire Style: Great Fire Rain
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank- A-class
Description: The user builds up chakra and molds it into fire in their bodies. Then releasing it through their mouth they aim in the air and a fire ball is shot that soon bursts creating several smaller fire balls that come down in a rain on the enemy.
Weakness: Water style: Water prison (when used on oneself.)
Name: Tickle no Jutsu
Type: Taijutsu
Description: Chakra strings tie the enemy and then a chakra feather tickle their feet.
Weakness: Puppets
Name: Rasengan Claws
Element: Meta (Can be infused with any chakra element for different effects based on elements).
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S

Description: Multiple compressed Rasengans are formed at the tips of each finger and used as claws to tear through enemy defenses. If desired, each individual Rasengan can be quickly discharged/shot like a bullet, or merged at the palm of the hand into a full sized Rasengan to deliver a powerful finishing blow.

Weakness: The user is unable to use jutsu requiring the use of hand seals while the claws are active. Each Rasengan claw deteriorates in strength after each impact unless chakra is constantly fed to the claws, which strains both the users focus and chakra reserves.

Additional Notes:
1) The cutting force of the Rasengan Claws is greatest when used by Wind Chakra users.
2) The explosive force of the Rasengan Claws is greatest when used by Fire Chakra users.
3) A-Rank defense ninjutsu are often sufficient to guard against a direct attack from ordinary Rasengan Claws.
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Name: Raika Ryuuka no Jutsu
Element: Lightning/Fire
Type: Ninjustsu
Rank: S

Derscription: Two Raikas with the hand signs of Katon-Ryuuka no Jutsu and when it's blown, there are two dragons, one is lightning, one is fire.

Additional Notes:
1.) Only a user of the Susano'o, Tsykuomi, and Amaterasu can use it.
2.) Uses 50% of your chakra.
3.) Must learn how to do the Chidori or Raikiri.
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lol you guys should come check out Naruto We Rise Again. Its a new guild starting out and with the creativity I think the characters would be interesting. Everything is customizable from kekkei Genkai to summons so the creative possibilities are nearly endless.
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Name: 5 Kage ribbons
Jutsu type: ninjutsu
Rank: unknown
Description: when the five Kage are together only then can this jutsu be performed five ribbons come out of the kages hand's each one representing each element that attack the enemy each element has different results.
Water: the enemy is trapped in a water sphere that sucks out their chakra when all the chakara is gone the enemy's blood explodes.
Air: invisible blades cut though the enemy's skin and the blades start getting faster and faster.
Earth: earth spikes erupt from the ground able to hit many enemies each one longer and sharper than the last.
Fire: sharp waves of fire slice though the skin and bone of the enemy.
Lighting: many clouds appear and lighting rains down and strike the enemy.
Weakness: this can only be used as a last resort as it can take away someone's life.

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