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Would have to be the byakugan! The others cause too much problems sad
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rinnegan. love those chameleon eyes
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so I don't have to go "kill my best friend" and "go through ultimate pain"
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rinnegan, which is basically a mixture of shiringan and bayakugan and other awesome abilities
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Alright lets break it down to how they would be used in real life:

Byakugan: Good or seeing through objects such as cloths, underwear walls of a female shower room.
Rinnegan: good for seeing at multiple angles also for setting of vantages points such as bathrooms, personal rooms, locker rooms, public showers.
Sharingan: Good for predicting movements, spontaneous combustion, Mind Freaks/Molestation, Morale degrader, morale booster, mind stimulation, great for picking up chicks at the bar, also the potential to evolve into charizard rinnegan.

All three are are great but I'd take sharingan it's more well rounded.
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Sharingan for meeeee!!

Rinnegan isn't so bad but I still prefer Sharingan
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The Rinnegan, because it can change the world
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Rinnegan is just the most powerful form of Sharingan
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Rinnegan because of the Six Paths Technique. Also, it sucks that with the Sharingan you start going blind. And the Byakugan is only good for seeing far / through things, so it doesn't appeal to me much.
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If you had to choose a Kekkei Genkai to live with forever, which one would it be?

Uchiha of course.
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lol sharingan User Image
All of the above. I'll just put Byakugan on my forehead.

Yeah, I know. My vision is going to be ******** up.
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So technically any and every person who picked the uchiha clan means they are possible easily emotionally scarred by the deaths of the people close to them. The world is doomed burning_eyes

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