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Rinnegan, to much work to obtain most powerful form of Sharingan. Also controling 6 different bodies using their personal jutsu is just boss...
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Interesting Genius

I would probably go with Byakugan.
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Sharingan for sure
Byakugan whee
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Sharingan for amaterasu and tsukuyomi
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Shy Darling

Why not be a child of a Hyuuga and Uchiha. ninja Then you'll have the best of both worlds.
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Rinnegan I would be super strong
Rinnegan pirate
Byakugan cuz it would be easy to cheat on tests
I'd implant another eye in my forhead and have all three(y) ninja
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Byakugan. Seeing through stuff and in every direction at the same time sounds very cool and extremely useful.
Rinnegan because a uchiha can have it too and then I would be total boss mode. twisted
the Uchiha one, I dislike the creepy bug eyes of the Hyuugas... emotion_donotwant
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It's a no brainer, Byakugan of course. It's the most useful Kekkei Genkai and probably the only one I need for leisure purpose.

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Sharigan of course! biggrin

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