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If you had to choose a Kekkei Genkai to live with forever, which one would it be?
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Idk, Sharingan.
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Moon's Eye Plan.
Rinnegan - more powerful especially if u have traits like tailed bests or a elemental combination.
Sharingan - powerful but you have to do certain things to unlock more power and it damages your eyes (does not want to be blind forever)
Byakugan - Pretty good but only if your skilled in gentle fist.

I would go with Rinnegan just becaue both Pein and Naruto have it.
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Sharingan. Rinnegan looks weird to me and Byakugan looks even stranger.
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Sharingan cuz it looks the coolest xd
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Sharingan obviously. Also I would't mind killing my best friend for the Mangkyo Sharingan.
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      Sharingan, I guess?
      They all have their own special ability.
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I like them all , but I guess I'll say Sharingan .
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To this point I doubt anyone would choose byakugan because sharingan and rinnegan are the two most powerful-est its just stuck in this corner.
Rinnegan, no more uchihas to kill to unlock Eternal so you'd eventually go blind, sucks for you XD
Rinnegan. The other two were created from it.
heart Byakugan heart
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Byakugan, the other's are OP and annoying IMO.

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