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Word Wars

User ImageAs someone who is rather behind and needs to write 13k in the next two and a half days I thought I would put out a challenge for other people who are either behind like I am or are still trying to push themselves to keep writing for their own enjoyment.

Anyone participating in nanowrimo is welcome to enter, no matter what stage of writing you are at.

The way this works is by challenging each other to see who can write the most in an hour. It's really just a tool to help us focus. Alternatively you can set yourself an hourly goal like 300 words an hour or anything you like and attempt to beat that count, or attempt to beat your own word count each hour that passes.

If anyone chooses to participate in the word wars with me I'll give you a random item worth at least 100g regardless of if you are competing against yourself or other people. This is 100g for every hour you participate. So if you participate for 10 hours you get an item worth at least 1000g. smile If you participate at least three times I'll give you a free sketch of a character from your story upon request (samples on the sides of the posts). You can PM requests to me or post them in the thread. Anyone else who wishes to donate prizes is also welcome to.

Otherwise I guess I will be competing against myself for the time being to see the most I can write in a one hour period. After all even if you compete in something like word wars the one you are really fighting with is yourself. XD

To enter just post the word count and the hour you accomplished it in. Be sure to note the timezone. Also note your word count goal if you are aiming for an hourly goal. smile

Types of Word Wars:
-Try to get the best overall word count against other people in a specific hour (if someone else is online you can encourage each other).
-Try to get the best word score out of your own hourly word count scores (compete against yourself).
-Try to hit a specific word count in an hour (set your own goals).
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User ImageWordscores:

November 28
Mashimizu (goal: 500 words/hour)
8pm- 623
9pm- 723
10pm- 601
11pm- 625
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User Image
November 29
Mashimizu (current goal = 600 words)
12am- 762
1am- 1,005
2am- 702
3am- 713
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User Image
November 30
Mashimizu (goal: 700 words)
1am - 828
2am- 1168
3am- 924
3pm - 838
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I'll be here all night again probably if anyone wants to try to get some free art or anything. I don't really mind being by myself either though haha. I kind of expected nobody to respond. It's still helpful to me to do this so I hope it doesn't bother anyone.
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it's all right! smile Sometimes just having your writing goal out in public can be an extra push to get done, as there might be somebody watching. I'm trying to get in another 2K in myself in the next couple of hours (for a different goal, though).
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That's true. It seems to be working since I'm getting pretty close to the finish. I hope you were able to meet your goal. XD

I should finish since I have to write less than 500 words an hour in order to finish on time now. Although the story isn't even halfway through. After this I get to start writing it again since I'm doing a comic script and promised myself that if I could get through writing 50k words in a month in dialogue form that I could also draw it out as well and had no excuse not to.

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