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Heh, I love at moment, too, Ysavvryl. Though, as an editor, I cant leave the ones that make red and green lines on. Drives me insane. (Not as badly as Microsoft Word for Windows 7. I can't last ten minutes on that program before I want to go blow something up. I'm a really calm person usually, but that thing raises my blood pressure like nothing else.)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses regular paper, too. I do it because I just can't write on my computer well. I get too distracted. (I'm one of those people who could click the 'random' button on Wikipedia all day. Too much interesting information...)
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Noryoku Kiyama
Nothing beats a good old pen with ink and a pad of paper.
*doom sfx*

Abominable Snowflake
i have a neverending love for paper and pencils/pens. they're all i ever wanna buy when i go to a store pretty much... beside play-doh and milk....
so since im writing on paper... i'll probably end up typing a lot later into microsoft word. =p
i would be a geek but maybe i cant afford it. ?
good luck mang!
edit: sry im a tree killer... i think of my love for paper all the time and feel a bit guilty....

Then does that makes me a tree killer too?
I have a MS Word right here but I still prefer to get down and dirty with ink - sometimes with lead.
I like writing more than typing. Sure, it is easier to edit in a computer but for me it is still easier to have your letters when they are written.

Yeah! haha, I don't feel too dirty when I use pen and paper... cept for the killing trees part and sometimes I get ink or pencil on my pinky. 3nodding Having paper also help bc I can start drawing a seen or a character out next to it asap. That helps me with descriptions lots.
YOU know... I'm becoming more interested in OP's emac or whatever it is. I think I'll give it a spin bc even though I write on paper first, I type it all up at the end of the day. I actually end up changing and adding a lot this way.
and oh yezzz, i like writing more that typing as wellzzzzorzz. blaugh
emotion_yatta and sry i think i forgot to respond to your post sooner, though im not sure. good lucks.
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Nothing can beat Microsoft Office Word. I use it for writing long documents (novels), I usually use the "Draft" view, then hide the Ribbon so I don't get distracted and it's really nice. smile
I use Microsoft Word (freeee version), notebook/pencil between classes or just when I want to get away from distractions/lie on my bed and write, and.. I just downloaded writemonkey because you all got me intrigued about it.

Off to fiddle with it. XD And hopefully increase word count!
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I've got my Open Office running, and my handy-dandy wireless keyboard so I can sit in my natural "halfway-sliding-out-of-the-chair" position. (:
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I'm using a combination of Open Office and yWriter.
Seriously, I'm using a pen and paper... gonk

But I average about 175 words per page and so far I have 22 pages done.

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