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          I do large portions of my writing in notepad, the simpler set up is more appealing to my eyes than other programs.
          I fix up chapters and keep the final sections in Word documents with the settings and font fixed to be smaller and more
          compressed enough to manage until I can finish editing once December starts.
          Actually writing in Word always drives me batty.

          All notes are done in small tablets of recycled paper,
          and character sketches, maps, and world notes are kept in separate folders.
          If any of them were digital sketches, they've been printed to be on hand.

          I wish I was this organized when I was in school. . _ .
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1. Coffee
2. Brain
3. MS Word
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I prefer to do most plot planning and stuff on paper so I can scratch out and make marks and doodles. I can never write straight up notes when it comes to that . . . and I can't just write a novel without a plan. At least not one I'm seriously invested in like the one I'm writing now.

But, to write I just use Microsoft Word. I don't really have a need for anything fancier :3
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Some funny Emacs jokes for you to spring on him:

1. Say "Meta-x (anything)" as a joke. As in: "Meta-x make-me-a-sandwich" or "Meta-x kiss-me." (Commands in Emacs are prefixed with Meta-x, also written as M-x).

2. Tell him, "I heard that the really good programmers use vi (pronounced "vee-aye" wink , not emacs." That's always good for a rant! This XKCD cartoon can give you the sense of competition between editors.

My boyfriend, who does some kind of computer programming for the military, talks about Emacs a lot, but I have no clue what it is. He also owns some chatroom on IRC and somehow gets on Emacs and does things in there with it.

I missed the deadline, but I might try writing a novel next November. If I'm just writing pure text, I like to use a no-frills word processor like WordPad. WordPad is faster, and it doesn't try and do things with your formatting that it THINKS you want it to do.
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LOL - Thank you!!!! I will try those on him tonight! smile

p.s. I got the cute cartoon also & printed it out! Meta-X is easier to say. I wonder what he'll think. wink
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I use Microsoft Word ><
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Emacs, nice! But no LaTeX? xP

I've been writing in Google Docs - I love being able to read things over on my phone when my laptop isn't at hand.
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I considered LaTeX, but realized that if I used it I would just get concerned with formatting again.

User ImageUser Image

Emacs, nice! But no LaTeX? xP

I've been writing in Google Docs - I love being able to read things over on my phone when my laptop isn't at hand.
Until the end of November I'll be writing in my big ol' notebook with my favorite purple pen.
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            User Image

          When love isn't true,
          it will die off and never return

        Microsoft Word 2003

                                  it will die and wither like rotten rosepetals,
                                  and flutter away like butterflies in the wind.
                                  3,163 /// 50,000
typewriter noise for the win

it makes writing so much more fun.
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I think I work best with a notebook and a pen. If I can make it past chapter three without getting a case of writer's block, I'll be doing good. smile When I want to work on my second draft, I'll put it into MS Office. It's what I've got.
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I am using a pen and Paper! *proudly*

I carry around my words with me every where and the only thing I realy have to worry about is not having any ink left in my _green_ pen.

Oh yeah, once I hit 10k its going to be ridiculous... But I have a PC lappy with no disk drive (side glance an mom). And all the good free shite is for Macs. As a matter of fact, 90% of the programs that I think would be compatible to my methods and thought processes are for Macs.

... stupid Mac-tards stare

Don't mind me, I'll just sit over in my corner and be bitter. *checks sponsor page* Hey, anybody try out that cloud? Yarny?
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Scraps of paper/ sticky notes and a few papertowels (only happened once, when I was out of paper and the ideas were just flowing and I was so in the zone I couldn't stop) sweatdrop and WordPad.

Though I like the sound of google docs- I could work on my story on my phone, and on the bus and so on...instead of using sticky notes/ whatever I have on me. xd
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You know you're hardcore when you use paper towels! *cheers*

I use Microsoft Word '97, because that's all that's on my old computer. This computer I use for internet and some writing has a newer version of Word, but I have to use the 97 save so I can transfer the files back and forth.

Although I advise people otherwise, I leave my spell and grammar checks on. Why? Because I love that moment when they freak out and tell me they can't work anymore!

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