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Zero_unit Kouya
Haha, that works too. But definitely check NaNo out ;D ;D

o; do you do avatar art?
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Apocalyptic Lovergirl

*fret fret*

I'm not super-enthused about this plot. And I've already stated on the NaNo forums that I'm going to get to 100k.

I keep thinking about last year's plot, which was set in the same universe and I didn't quite finish... but I want to take a break from that one for a little while.

How can I make myself excited about this? gonk

Maybe it's the characters or something. I don't have any really talkative, funny characters this time around. (Last year I had Magnus and Alex, who played off each other perfectly, and poor Cal who always got stuck going 'Wait a minute...')

Oh, and I don't have a complex relationship web this year either. That was super fun.

(Oddly, I keep thinking that the plot I have is too epic. There's an actual bad(ish) guy who could be genuinely dangerous if he got loose and gained power. Last year it was just 'everyone vs. life'.)

Hell. If I get stuck I can just skip to the end, write the scene where Isabel decides to stay with the agency instead of going back to her regular life, and then segue into 'X-Files Ripoff Fun Time'.

Edit: Now that I think about it I didn't get ridiculously enthused about last year's plot until things got going, so... *crosses fingers*
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Witty Warrior

Your roomie sounds a little stuck up ):
Japanese is easier to learn than Chinese, that’s for sure. Phonetically, it’s the same as English. Your mouth doesn’t have to learn how to make any new sounds. The best part of it is, a lot of people (at least at my school) who take Japanese are huge nerds learning it because they love anime, haha.

I would never go to a gym at 8am. The jogging class I had was only bearable because there were 20 other people suffering with me xD 

Publication is an excellent goal! I’m kind of leaning that way too, because the subject I’m writing on is something I want to educate people about. がんばって!(Work hard/good luck!)

I just love how an appreciation of other languages is present in so many different cultures. My teacher has lots of stories of instances where she has seen people in Japan that have things in English written on shirts, but it’s misspelled. And times she has seen Americans with wrongly written Kanji tattooed on their bodies. There is such an awesome feeling of satisfaction with learning another language!

Three engagements and its only October? Holy cow. Death metal…I like it, sometimes. You don’t have to know the words to enjoy a song :3

In my area it is almost 2am. I’m reading terrible fic and listening to Tallest Man on Earth. I haven’t watched Inuyasha in ages, I kind of miss it.
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Witty Warrior

Not really. I occasionally doodle but its pretty awful to be honest haha
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Witty Warrior

'.. and then segue into 'X-Files Ripoff Fun Time'.
Can every novel ever end like this, please? xD
Zero_unit Kouya
Not really. I occasionally doodle but its pretty awful to be honest haha

Can I see?
I'm going to wrie this quick Cause I think I might start rolling into bed for once. Ahhh, so you are just an hour behind me. It is 3 in the morning here. I really did nothing at the gym accept for run on the treadmil and listen to bad music lol. And by any chance. (romanji) Ganbate?

Hahaha, the best thing yet is I kick box, and I got an asian teacher lol....he's so loveable. Apparently he fell asleep in class, woke himself up with a huge noticable fart, and then walked down the aisle of the class and thought he had to answer a question hahahaha.

I've been watching pokemon non stop for these last couple days... But I'm going to bed, my laptop needs a rest! Nighty night, I shall speak with you all tomorrow.

and Morigale! Ello there, another person I have not spoke with in ever!
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Witty Warrior

Bed sounds good, I think I’m gonna pass out soon too.
Yup, ganbatte! It’s one of my favorite things to say.
Oh my gosh lol. I would laugh so hard if I had been in the same room as your teacher when he did that!
Pokemon <3 Though I like Digimon better (/prepares to get shunned)
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Revered Nerd

Zero_unit Kouya
Ok so I am officially insane this nano.
I have come up with a third idea to use if I finish my first two I have planned. And because I have this idea I am going to get to it.
I am going to be writing 150k at least this year. It is a good thing that I have a lot of free time.
You were here last year as well, right?
I'm pretty sure you blew the rest of us out of the dust!
(sorry if I'm getting you confused with someone else >.>'')

Yeah I was here last year and reached 50k on the 15th.
Bed was good, and then I pput a a movie in and decided at 4 I should go to bed...fall asleep at five.....wake up at quarter to 12....I should shower...i should eat...that was a really weird dream had....

I know few words in apanese, and no a tiny bit a hirigana.....I knew a lot more....but I'm out of practice and forgot.

It's hard to think of him as a teacher because he's also a student, just...I think 3rd year...maybe 2nd year.... And like, he's just a guy you can just hang out with on a regular basis!

I don't shun you. I used to watch a little bit of didgimon. I could never find what channel it was on, so it rarely got watched....Yu-Gi-Oh though, now that show was amazing!!!!
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Revered Nerd

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
So here is the cover that I worked on while waiting for the site relaunch and a Nano thread to show up. Now I just have to wait for the covers to be supported on the site.
I had no idea what I was doing but I think it turned out nice.
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Witty Warrior

And I cried tears of envy, no doubt haha.

A quarter to 12 is the best time to wake up, haha. I only got up at 11 because my dog needed to go outside. I had weird dreams to. Must be the season! Mine was very Sucker Punch-ish

Hiragana and Katakana are really easy to learn by yourself. You’d probably pick it back up in no time with flash cards (:

It would be weird to think of someone going to classes at your school as a teacher. Still, even if he was just a student I would have laughed at him. I probably deserve the horrible person award, haha.

Aha, Yugioh…I think the entirety of my sixth grade year was spent reading horrible Yugioh fanfiction!
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Revered Nerd

Students teaching a foreign language class is actually fairly common if they are from a country that speaks the language.
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Witty Warrior


Aa, I see.
I wouldn't know, they don't do it at my school (:
Well done with you cover.

It is a good time to wake up. Especially when don't have a pesky roomate in my room up while Im trying to sleep. My ex was involved ion my dream...and semi's and travelling all vero except I'm not sure where to.... And a sky board from one of my novels was in there and my ex was told to take it and ride it and take someone..I have no clue~!

I agree, I just need to make the flashcards up, it shouldn't be too hard, considering I had began to make them before....but I think I won't make them the same way, these ones took up to much space.

It's really nice to have it that way. And he's a really funny guy. Last night on a random note, I played go fish and totaly one lol!

The last of my grade 12 year, I took trips to the dollar store and was buying Yu-Gi-Oh cards lol, that and pokemon cards, it was the best. I actually got some pretty good cards. I'm trying tog et all the seasons to that show so I can watch it all...but first to finsih watching Pokemon.

Today I need to start working on a research paper...but first I shall finish my Nano soundtrack, seriously need to do that so I have some ambition to write.

Everyone should watch this video.

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