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I completly fogot that there would be another thread for this years Nano, and then had to remember where I would find this thread. Which was easy enough to find. I used write or Die once last year and never went back to it. It played a sound clip over and over. And I could do my writing perfectly with out it. so I vow never to use that program unless absolutly needed.

I'm still subscribed to last years thread, I kept on waiting for post to start...but then we had that guild...and resorted to messenger...I never did...I think I missed out on something.

I'm trying to get all my homework that is due in November done this week so I don't have to worry about it next month.

I've learned from the last two years I shove work and everything out the window...I can't do that in college...so I'm doing my work now...
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Ok so I am officially insane this nano.
I have come up with a third idea to use if I finish my first two I have planned. And because I have this idea I am going to get to it.
I am going to be writing 150k at least this year. It is a good thing that I have a lot of free time.
Effy reporting in. Chatting in this thread was a blast last year so I have high expectations for this year as well (;

That's not a winky face - my smiley face had a stroke. Have some sympathy, yeah?

Totally wondering how many people I'll recognize from last year - unless anyone changed their username... Like I did stare
I'm from last year totaly......
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Yeah people from last year! 8D
I feel like Nano should just start right now. i have a week off school...and it feels like it is going to be a long week .... especially when I am anticipating on writing a novel when I want to start it right meow! It is just so annoying...what on earth is there to do before then....mini word wars for other novels we are writing currently maybe...I just need to do something that isn't school but isn't my nano novel....or watching pokemon...and I hope you all remember this video.....

I put this as a cheer me up last year...
I can't wait for NaNo this year, I have everything all set, aside from my never-ending supply of Monster or coffee. I am hoping to actually finish a novel this year. I've got the plot for a romantic horror fantasy, doesn't seem like the best choice of genres but I will get it written this year.

If anyone wants to word-war, or just keep each other motivated just let me know.
This is my first year year trying Nano, and I'm nervous as anything, but excited. My genre is going to be fantasy and I have my idea, I just have to worjk on the outline.
I'm in! I actually have a plan this year, too, and it doesn't involve killing off my entire English class, twice.

Asked my Anthropology class if any of them minded dying, and they were all like 'why are your writing a novel?' To which the answer is, it's November, duh. Novels are what happen in November.
This is my first year attempting Nano, I must say that I am more than a little nervous. However, the excitement outweighs the hesitation. It's going to be a pretty hectic month. I move into my new apartment at the end of October, which is both a pro and a con. I'll no longer have annoying room mates, but I'll have a ton of things to unpack. I am determined, though!
I will be attempting a mystery novel.
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Just surfing through the pages and already see a lot of familiar people from last year ♥
I'm looking forward to all the good times and stress NaNo is going to bring.

This year I will be doing my novel on an odd subject that I feel really strongly about, known as GSA (genetic sexual attraction). It's something that happens sometimes when long lost relatives meet up and feel an intense attraction towards each other. There are lots of scientific hypothesis out there for why it happens (most prevalent is that there is no chance for the Westermarck effect to happen). It's going to be about two half siblings who just met struggling through this extremely painful happenstance together.


I don't think the guild ever went anywhere, haha. We were all to lazy to use it xD
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Do you have an idea yet? Yes, and for once I'm not going to scrap it Oct 31s 11:58pm for a different idea, lol
Are you planning it out beforehand or writing by the seat of your pants? I don't have specific events planned, just the characters and the main plot line. No individual scenes, though.
Have you done NaNo before? This will be my fourth year, though last year was the first time I finished.
Any tips for new NaNo participants? It's going to be stressful and your going to absolutely hate your novel sometime along the way, but its worth the satisfaction you feel for trying/finishing!
Haha, I never got into using the guild at all..... I also like how are avitars really havn't changed much from last year....I changed the hair on mine...that's all.... I just want Nano to start right Meow. I'm making up my novel soundtrack with the outline to keep my satisfaction going... I'm making a fantasy novel. I think I'm going to but like good christian morals into it somewhere.... It seems like the type of book that would be good for it....I just am so excited to start writing it.

how have you been, I havn't talked with you in ages!
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I noticed the avi thing too, hehe. The only thing different about mine is that now there is a little bunny. Though I really haven't been on much since last year for personal issues ):

Yay for soundtracks! I have one started as well. Laugh Look Cry Think by Dog and Panther is pretty much my novels theme song ♥

I wish it would start tomorrow too! It will be interesting to see how the morals work into it. Morals are going to be a huge part in my novel as well, because its dealing with an extremely taboo subject.

I've been okay, recently getting over a tragic event but its life, things happen.

How about you? I'm ready for the word battles to start, haha xD
You were always great competition ♥
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Ok so I am officially insane this nano.
I have come up with a third idea to use if I finish my first two I have planned. And because I have this idea I am going to get to it.
I am going to be writing 150k at least this year. It is a good thing that I have a lot of free time.
You were here last year as well, right?
I'm pretty sure you blew the rest of us out of the dust!
(sorry if I'm getting you confused with someone else >.>'')

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