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My word processor counts punctuation as words, and now I feel like I'm cheating emo
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Lol, I can understand how you'd feel that way. I suppose technically it is. XD

What word processor do you use?
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Haha, that's pretty amusing. You could have a story just full of periods, and it'd count all of them as words?

New idea! I'm going to make the most amazing story, but it'll be in only periods and commas. :'D
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Maybe it thinks they are braille words? xD

My word processer only counts a word once I hit the space bar after it. So all hyphenated words are only one word....
I guess that's okay but I feel like I use them a lot...
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Wow, that's going to be tough for you to determine, isn't it? Maybe you can take a good estimate of how many words you use in atypical sentence and use that for a more correct number?


If you normal sentences are about 8 words long, with comma and a period mark, your processor will count it as 10, right?

So maybe multiply your total by .8 to try and get a number counting as few of the punctuation marks as possible.

It wouldn't really be very accurate, but I guess it would count for something if you're really curious to see how you're doing.
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But at the end of 'wrimo when you plug it into their wordcount thing for verification, wouldn't it be off then? D:
I say, if you get to 50,000 'words.' Punctuation or no punctuation, you're amazing!
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Eh, that's not so bad...no matter what, you're still off by a little bit, right? The accuracy in the end shouldn't matter that much, it's just that the challenge is to write a girthy amount of words, so don't worry about it!
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I'm with these people. Just simply attempting NaNo is awesome! biggrin

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