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871 words today...>.< Halfway till my quota of the day.
Wrote some content in uni on paper- just have to expand it and keep going!
Good luck everyone!
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Formal Flatterer

5085 words in total.
I'm extremely happy right now.

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          When love isn't true,
          it will die off and never return

        I need about five thous by tonight though I'm blocked.

        I don't like this, but I also do. Hope I don't start breaking out. :O

                                  it will die and wither like rotten rosepetals,
                                  and flutter away like butterflies in the wind.
                                  2,966 /// 50,000
Omg, I'm so excited that we have a NaNoWriMo subforum here. SO EXCITED.
Anyway, last time I checked I had 2091 words, though I did write quite a bit during school that I have to type of, so I guess we'll see how far that gets me. C:
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My concept is down. still need to name all my characters - but I've written the prologue already.

1,948 words written so far . . . But I plan to try for 7K words today since I started three days late >w<
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Just broke 8000 words. Woooot. =]
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4,443. Haven't written today, kinda taking a day off. I'm almost where I need to be to be on track for the day anyway. Gonna get to writing in a bit.
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Cracked 9k, so I think I'm done for the night.

Hope everyone is satisfied when they go to bed. 3nodding
5,464 for now. I don't go to bed until around 3 or 4am. So I will probably have more time later to write. But for the moment I've been staring at the screen for too long.
3,189. Going slowly. It's 1am so it doesn't look like I'll hit 5,001... but it is gonna be the weekend.
I only got to 4,000 last year so it won't take much to break my record!

Blurg. NaNo should be more fun.
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Pierced Prophet

          I'm at a little over 6k, but I haven't gotten to write much of anything yet today.
          Hopefully I'll be able to turn out more after I'm done with training. : T
          I started out a lot better than I'm doing right now, hopefully I'll be able to pick up speed again.
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Dangerous Glitch

I am 2 days behind already. D: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--
6,440. Trying to stay ahead because I know my workload's going to get heavier, so I want to do as much as I can while I can. @_@ I'm sort of just completely winging this. Using an old idea from freshman year that never really got developed, and seeing where I can go with it. Fun stuff. ~

It changed so much from what it originally was going to be though. Oh NaNo, love how you helped me develop my story in a way that actually made sense versus one where I was going completely @_@???.
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4,717 now...I'm starting to slack. Today's my day off work though so I'm going to try to catch up before the end of the day.
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Lonely Detective

I just broke 6k last night. I haven't gotten around to typing today, though. Been caught up with watching the MJ death trial. XD

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