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3,394 words so far... and it's all terrible. I love it. emotion_bigheart
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Formal Flatterer

4022 words, only 979 till todays limit!
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Beloved Fairy

I only have 700 words. I got busy yesterday. I did finish my outline yesterday so it should be easy to catch up later tonight!
1,803 words so far, going to write more tonight and get another 1,667 words at least.
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Partway through the 3rd chapter, and currently at 2,381 words.
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Bumped my progress up to 6,696 words
I wanna be at 7,000 by the end of tonight
Only for the fact that I have class tomorrow and won't be able to write much at all...
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4,222 and counting! I'm so proud of myself biggrin
Yesterday : 5,997 words written.
Today : 6,118 words written.

I need sleep.
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4411 now. Slowly progressing.
Word Count: 1269 whee
My story is about a vampire voodoo doll that is in love with his owner. whee
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I have a whole 2085 words, I sign up for this 2 hours ago and then worked my way through XD
So I am hoping to do this fast enough. Luckily I can do some story writing at work, only fear is full house may end up in my medieval themed thing...
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473. And the prediction states that I will finish it by Sept. 13, 2012 if I keep this pace going. gonk
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It's already the third and I only have 1,116 words down.
I need to get moving if I want to make the deadline. ;~;

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