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1028 words. It's stop and go for me, but that's okay. I think it will pick up soon.
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2,162 on this thing, and stuck pretty badly. I need to start spacing things out... and figure out what I'm actually trying to do.

Oh, but, it's still only 6AM and I've been up for an hour! Should have enough time to get to today's goal of 3,334! (:
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1704 words done yesterday. If people would stop crying and shouting in my dorm room, I could get further. Alas, I will have to relocate when I write. stare
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waiting for confirmation email. rofl
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I've got a basic plot outline in my head that I've been working on since seventh grade. Currently I have 1,000 words.
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4,000 words on the first day
And as of now I have 5,266 words done!
I want to get way ahead because finals start at the end of November and I won't have time to write
Aiming for 7,000 words by the end of today
Maybe >w>;
Depends if my roommate stops blaring her music....
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1223 words, which is good considering that I just scrapped the first idea for one I like better.
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6k down! Hooray!
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I wordwarred with myself for half an hour and got out another ~1000 words. I'm proud of myself. whee I'd like to have at least 5000 by the end of today, and I'm only 600 away now.

e: 5k, whoop.
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I'm a tad behind with 1,594 at the moment. But I still have all day to do this. Should be good. Aiming for 3.5k
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This is my first time doing NaNoWriMo and I have some workload-heavy classes to contend with, including Chem. Any suggestions on how to time manage?
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First year trying my hands at NaNoWriMo and so far after my first day of writing I have 2447 words. Not bad I think.
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      I've never even heard of this event before.
      I'm half tempted to take a drabble idea I wrote earlier this year and work from it or something.
      The problem is that I'm fairly busy this entire month with college crap.
      So . . . Progress ( if I go through with this ) ?
      None so far.
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              & I haven't even started to write for today.
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        14/14 Main characters completed...

        Finalizing the plot & key events...

        Gathering inspiration...

        Actual writing should begin later tonight.

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