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I'm currently on 6.2k words. We'll see how many more I can get written before my self-imposed bedtime in 1 hour 30 minutes.
2k words!
Which is an accomplishment, considering my terrible work ethic.
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WOO. I have a plot, character sketches, and even 1,782 words! I'm ahead of my daily goal, so I'm not too bad right now.
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eek most people are doing sooooooo much better than I am. gonk

I should be in bed but I'm only at 1230/1667

and now that I'm trying to focus my friend is constantly messaging me on msn. sweatdrop
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4k so far!
Going to try and get 2k added tomorrow - wish me luck. gonk
Planned, outlined, music, sugar, and just wrote.

Heading to bed with 5,652 words under my belt. Only 44348 more words to go!
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Ice-Cold Knight

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1723 words now... I can go to sleep.
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Currently paused at 2,322 words.
I have a headache so I should sleep soon, but tomorrow I don't have class I can write all day if I want.
I do have character profiles and outlines roughly written out.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Formal Flatterer

A little stuck at the moment due to my mind overflowing with ideas.
Ah well it could be worse.

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Divine Bookworm

My story is planned out, for the most part. I am currently at 5,400 words. @.@
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I have 1k so far. But this is harder than I remember. Last time I did this was back in '06 for school, so I have a LOT more time to do it now, but not as much motivation. So stressed lately, and doing a different thing for me. If I can get passed the beginning I'll be fine. Writing made the setup for this story WAY different than I thought lol.
- Plot, eh, I've got a good start. I don't know where it'll end, but it'll be all good.
- Prologue? Set and done. Added onto it later in the day, breaking on of my biggest rules.
- Chapters Started? Yes, Chapter One already has it's first part done. There will be three, I think. Maybe four.
- Word Count? So far 3,218. Not much, but still, better than last year!
651 words.

Yea, I'm behind.
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3,842 words.
I couldn't be happier -- my story is actually going well, and I kind of expected the opposite.
Sugar and coffee have been keeping me going = u =
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Tipsy Prophet

I'm up to about 3.4K words. 4laugh

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