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Being a student, most of my time is devoted to school-related activities.
Anyone have tips on how to reach 50,000 words while maintaining good grades?
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Now you know why I've dropped out. It's impossible, although somehow my cousin in college who's apparently too busy to take a second to text me is at 10,000 words.
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The way I survived the last two years was not sleeping and downing obscene amounts of caffine. Also not writing as much during the week and making up for it on the weekends. Nothing works as good as coffee though
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I never could do it when I was in school. :/
Hopefully I'll be able to do it this year, cause this is the first year I've tried since I graduated.
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I'm getting my class work over and done with as soon as possible and then focusing on writing. There's a lot of lost sleep but I guess that's what it will take to finish.
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Hang in there. My friend actually published her own book for for NaNoWriMo while going to law school. She said it was difficult but well worth it.
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        Oh, man. I feel your pain.
        I have so much going on in school, but I want to participate for once. Last year, there was no chance of it, seeing as I had a huge, huge, huge paper to write that would take most of November, and then December to edit, etc. emotion_donotwant But I'm trying. Slacking off on the weekdays and then making up for it on the weekends are the way I'm going to try and cope. That, and getting my schoolwork done sooner to leave myself more time to focus on NaNoWriMo.
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I've done NaNo four times. I did NaNo and maintained good grades my junior and senior year of high school, and my freshman and sophomore year of college. Now I'm in my junior year in college, and I'm going for gold.

The trick is just doing what you have to. There is no correct way to do it. Be stubborn, be relentless (in both areas) and don't b***h about it. Life doesn't pause for NaNo. That's part of the challenge.
got down time before/after/inbetween classes? don't tell me you don't. it's impossible for you to be busy 100% of the day and night.

carry around a notebook and write as much as you can during these periods of freedom. the weekend exists, as well.

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