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Now that NaNo is pretty much finished for the year ((though there may be some time zones I don't know about that are 2 days behind from me ... and barring Rebel writing, of course, but I mean in the sense that November's gone)), I'm writting out the plot for next year; the first sequel to this year's story.

And so the dishes don't remain in the sink throughout November 2013 ((well, no, we used them a fair bit, but there were some things that stayed in the sink for about a week at a time, and ... let's just say I'm glad home-cooked meals are on the menu again)), my partner and I are writing up a food plan for next year, including quantities of ingredients needed to make each meal, how many times we can eat leftovers from that meal, etc. That way, just before we start NaNo 2013, we can stock up, shove a lot of stuff in the freezer, and not have to resort to places like Maccas* or Red Rabbit**

So, how are you preparing for next NaNo 2013?

* "Maccas" is generally what we Aussies - or, at least, we Aussies that I know of - call McDonalds
** "Red Rabbit" is Red Rooster ... I'm not exactly sure how my partner's family came to call it that, but maybe she'll come here and explain.
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Haha! Next NaNo! XD

Man, I usually try to prepare for my NaNo but I never, ever do. I always write it on the fly and I figure it out as I'm going along. As always. crying

Actually, I already know what I'll be doing anyway (another part of my series). So, as I'm editing the second novel and submitting approval for an agency(s) of my first novel, I'll probably randomly be writing down quotes and settings and parts I want for the third. Yup.
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I haven't thought that far ahead
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Right now I just need to focus on completing this year's novel.

I made the word count ten days early, but that by no means means that my novel is done. I'm not even one-third of the way through my story, so you can imagine how long it is going to be when finally finished.

As for next year, I am unsure of my plot. Unless I just want to divide my three part story into three complete novels, that is. If I split it up, then I've got plots for the next two years, and then only half of a novel to finish writing for this year.

Hm. I should think on that.
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I think I'll probably write a sequel to my story next year. cat_3nodding
I think I'll write a sequel next year as well :3
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I'll prepare for Nov 2013 when Oct 2013 comes around. XD
I was planning on writing about an end of the world story that I overheard from a conversation from an old woman when getting my hair cut. Unlike most, my story can't really have a sequel : /
But, these last two nights have been really inspiring and I actually thought of a plot to use so I'll be writing about my first NaNoWriMo win experience. I have it all planned out and everything. I just hope I can hold off of the story until next year comes around.
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Hmm....I'm not sure what my plans are for next year, except to hopefully be able to have more time to write. xd As for what I'd be writing, that would depend upon whatever fancy captures my muse. But I plan on doing more pre-planning than I did this year (schedule and plot-outline wise XD)
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I can't prepare, as I generally write as ideas come to me. This year's idea arrived two days before the month, and forced out another idea (which I though of shortly after I "remembered" NaNo). In retrospect, I probably should have gone with the other idea, but I don't really feel like I had enough scenes or depth to it. I do know that I will not be doing a sequel; mine was a single novel story.

Still, I have a personal project I work on time and again, and my goal with it is to get better at writing, and write daily. Once I get the latter down, NaNo next year should be a lot easier.
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I'll likely end up writing a sequel, since the story for this one is just getting going good. I'll have to leave it off on a cliffhanger to keep people interested should I publish it.
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I wanna try and outline a few storied and maybe save some of them for next year (if i remember)
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User Imagepeppermint+chocolate rocks!

I failed so miserably at this years NaNo due to lack of plot and it was my first time participating. OTL
I won't be making the same mistake twice. This means I'll be outlining a new plot and creating new characters and settings... anything that won't allow me to revisit old stories and make a mess at the last minute like I did this year. xD
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I have quite a few options:

1] Write the sequel to my current story (which is complete- needs editing though).

2] Write another story instead, which has some notes/ideas etc. written for quite a few already.

3] Write a collection of short stories on anything or... on one thing.

4] Write ideas for an original story, write, and decide what to do with it ('publish' or not).

The 1 to 3 ideas have to do with FanFiction. The fourth would be the only original book/story. Yep, those are my plans. Which have been bugging me for quite a few months...or even a year ago before today, even before Nano began/ended.
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