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Today's Word: fascicle


wwwww1 : a small or slender bundle (as of pine needles or nerve fibers)
wwwww2 : one of the divisions of a book published in parts

Merriam-Webster, you trollin'.

For some, attempting to write 50,000 words in a month is just not enough.
For others, every extra challenge helps them think of new ways to reach the end goal.
Others are just crazy.

Whichever category you fall in to
(or even if you're one of those schmucks that does this for fun, or prizes, pft!),
you're welcome to join the Challenge!

Every day of NaNoWriMo, we will be using Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day in our Novel.

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||


Every day, I will have the word posted here, as well as a running log of all past words
for your reference. Alternately, you can follow the updates on Merriam Webster's website.

wwwwGeneral Rules

● This should be obvious but you m u s t follow Gaia ToS .
● Another obvious one: treat everyone in this thread with respect .
● Have a question? Post it in the thread! I'm happy to help.
● I have the right to penalize those who refuse to follow any of the rules.
● I also reserve the right to change and add rules as I see fit.

wwwwGiveaway Rules

● Post the participant form [below] in the thread.
● If you win a prize, you have one week to claim it. After that, I'm canceling the trade.
Notify me when you hit the 50,000 word mark, using the form [below].
● Do not plagiarize. Another obvious one.
● And one last obvious guy: Do not cheat by using something already written.

wwwwWord of the Day Rules

● Every day of NaNo, use Merriam-Webster's word of the day (WotD) at least once in your novel.
Variations of the word are acceptable (plural, different part of speech, etc.), so long as the meaning is the same.
If the word is not used correctly in your sentence, it will not count toward your total. I have the final say on whether or not it was used correctly, though you may contest my decision via PM.
● The WotD must be used in context for you to get a point. Your MC professing, "Man, the (WOTD) sucks!" Will not be a point. Use the definition of the word, not just the word itself, in your sentence.
● Going back to use missed words is acceptable, should you take a day off, or join late.
● Post the sentence in which you used each WotD here on the thread, using the form below, and I will keep a tally next to your info in the list of how many word challenges you have completed successfully.
● Use all the words, win prizes! There may be smaller prizes for those who don't quite make it there, depending on how successful we all end up being. wink

Participant Form:
[quote=Word of the Day Challenge Participant]

[b]Gaia Username:[/b]
[b]NaNoWriMo Username:[/b]
[b]NaNoWriMo Profile URL:[/b] http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/YOURUSERNAME
[b]NaNo Novel Title:[/b] If Applicable
[b]NaNo Novel Link:[/b] If Applicable


WotD Sentence Form:
[b][color=#33cccc]Today's Word[/color][/b]: WotD Here
[b][color=#33cccc]Sentence[/color][/b]: Your Sentence Here

When you hit 50k words, please fill out the following and post it in the thread:
[align=center][size=24][color=black][b]I, [color=#769A8C][insert Gaia username here][/color], have made it to 50,000 words![/b][/color][/size][/align]

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||
Words of the Day

Nov. 30 Fascile
Nov. 29 Regardless
Nov. 28 Coquetry
Nov. 27 Feisty
Nov. 26 Bemuse
Nov. 25 Placid
Nov. 24 Impute
Nov. 23 Trammel
Nov. 22 Splenetic
Nov. 21 Strudel
Nov. 20 Elucidate
Nov. 19 Gargantuan
Nov. 18 Vulcanize
Nov. 17 Haberdasher
Nov. 16 Mountebank
Nov. 15 Tramontane
Nov. 14 Bamboozle
Nov. 13 Grye
Nov. 12 Lachrymose
Nov. 11 Cumulate
Nov. 10 Ziggurat
Nov. 09 Fey
Nov. 08 Overwhelm
Nov. 07 Archipelago
Nov. 06 Ruminate
Nov. 05 Visceral
Nov. 04 Discriminate
Nov. 03 Patina
Nov. 02 Onomatopoeia
Nov. 01 Cerulean

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||

See the Rules post for the participation form.
Names listed in RED have reached 50k.
All 50kers will be checked for verification
before completion prizes will be given.

gaia username || NaNo username || Novel Title/Link || WotD Tally


Applejuiceoflove || nameless || Life is Messed Up || 0
AurinJade || La Crook || Club Envy || 25
ChasingFantasy || CaraLynnMasters || Black Seed Slumber || 4
Da Flea || Da Flea || Between a Goth and a Faerie Place || 30
Elfus Arianteus || Sarosong || Anywhere but Me || 30
HiddenHijinx || hiddenhijinx || The Pale || 30
kirikomorisan || kirikomori || It's Easy to Forget the Little People || 29
Morigale || Morigale || Glitch and Glamour || 17
Morsuaile || Fin || Time of Enlightenment || 20
Noryoku Kiyama || Catherine Kate || Missing Moon || 29
Psychotic Maniacal Sanity || Kitty Taylor || My Sister is Chaos || 9
R`e`n || RenRentheGreat || Neverending Dream || 27
Sieffre || berrigan || The Wormhole Jumpers || 22
whimsicaldreamer || whimsicaldreamer || Shadows of the Gods || 29
xxFiction || xFortuneCookie || The Ascendo Nocturne || 26
ZaiaFantasy || ZaiaFantasy || The Time of Twins || 28
Zero_unit Kouya || Kouya || A Spoonful of Ipecac || 8

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||

What kind of prizes can I win?
● Challenge prizes: For completing the event (using all 30 words), you will receive a certain amount of gold, yet to be determined.

● Completion prizes: Everyone participating in this event who completes NaNo (hits 50,000 words)
will receive a certain amount of gold. The amount has yet to be determined. In order to be eligible
for this prize, you must post in this thread when you have reached the goal before 12:00pmEST
December 1st.

● Activity prizes: These prizes are reserved for those who stick around the thread and chat.
Since this forum stresses building a great community of writers, the larger prizes will be given out
in this category. I am the final say on who is active and who is not.

● Event Prizes: Should any special events arise, these will be applicable!

current total prize pool:

+100k from Me
+10k per participant who completes both the challenge AND their 50k, courtesy of Zero_unit Kouya
+75k from Morsuaile
+286,914 from a beautiful sunset

If you're interested in donating to the pool, PM me.

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||

Motivational Resources:

Write or Die :: This website is a great motivating tool for speedy writing. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out.

Written Kitten:: For every 100 words you write, you get to awh at a new photo of an adorable kitten.

|| Introduction | Rules | Past Words | Participants | Prizes | Links ||

Cheating on Webster with Dictionary.com

November 17th, 2011

Kiri, Mori, Morse, Nory, Whimsy, Ren, and Zaia

For this bonus round, you will be following very similar structure to the regular challenge.
You will be utilizing the WotD archive for this month from dictionary.com, and will
need to use at least 15 of the 17 words of the day presented thus far this month in
your novel over the course of TODAY!
All standard WotD rules apply.

The archive of November's word is listed HERE.

When submitting a sentence with a dictionary.com WotD, please use this form,
for the sake ease discerning between the two.

[quote="BONUS ROUND!"][b][color=orange]Dictionary.com Word:[/color][/b]: WotD Here
[b][color=orange]Sentence[/color][/b]: Your Sentence Here[/quote]

The bonus round ends at 12am est.

There will most likely be a tiered prize system, depending on how many people
complete the challenge, and how many runners-up we have. You are still
eligible to win prizes if you do not complete the bonus round.

If you have any questions, please pose them to me in the thread; I'll be here most of the day.

Happy writing!
Open for business! mrgreen
This thread looks useful.

Edit: Oh wow, first post. :3
Today's Word: Cerulean
Sentence: The combo of mahogany, pitch black, and cerulean was appropriately edgy.

For yesterday. This is what I get for starting a challenge thread late!
Elfus Arianteus
This thread looks useful.

I hope it will be! mrgreen
enchantedsleeper's avatar

Eloquent Explorer

Yay, you made the thread! heart

"She discovered that her friend's persistent use of onomatopoeia made her think she was part of the older Batman comic books."
Morsuaile's avatar

Magical Bookworm

Yay! So happy to see this, will post a more coherent post when not typing from my iPod!

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