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Chatty Lunatic

I hit 40,011 just before midnight. My hands are exhausted. XD
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Timid Prophet

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Somehow I just found out that somewhere last night I hit the 10K mark.
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Shirtless Millionaire

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I hit 10,018 before I passed out.
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Questionable Borg

Nothing yet, I can't start till this weekend, I have to get school stuff done.
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Shameless Exhibitionist

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I just hit 9k this afternoon. Hoping for 11k before midnight.
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Geez! I suck! I only have 1,731 words!
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Shirtless Millionaire

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24000? Around there!
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Romantic Cat

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Only at 14,000 (the story itself is at 64,000 words) , although last night I was at 10k so I guess I should be happy with my progress so far. Next week is going to be busy with the holiday. So I don't know if I'll have a lot of time to finish the story before the end of the month. Hopefully I will . sweatdrop
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Questionable Lunatic

Just hit 50k!
I am so relieved.
now I can stop obsessing. biggrin

Aiming for 40.000 before the day is over.

I want to be done this week!
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I've hit 40,000. I want to hit 50,000 hopefully by Saturday. I have much more story to write. I've over 80% done, but my story is barely half done. I want to hit 50,000 and I am hoping to have the story completely done by the end of nano. smile I'm thinking another 25,000 words or so.
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Feral Smoker

well, the month is almost over..

i'm at 59k..

i'm pretty happy with myself.
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I'm close to finishing and still have a lot of days left, but now that I'm getting close to the goal with 47416, I'm finding that reaching 50000 is a little harder than it seems and I wouldn't even have that much if I would have used contractions. If have the grammar check on, that will help a lot as well.
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Shy Pup

I'm a bit over 41k right now, I hit it earlier today. I'm kind of proud of myself, I never thought I'd get this far with this and I'm really happy that I did. Now just hoping I can finish it on time.

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