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So, shortly after I drafted the first outline for my story, I realized that I had a problem on my hands-

There was no way that I had 50k words worth of material, unless I got wordy to the point of absurdity.

I decided to start the story anyway and see what happened - maybe I'd think of a way to prolong the plot once I got going.

Well, you all know how this song goes. I had my outline in one hand, all nice and neat, and in the other, an MC who was having none of that bullshit. Thus, the plot was prolonged by my MC's tendency to take divergent routes wherever possible, to the point where my description of them changed from "vengeance-seeking-missile" to "bullheaded, brash lunatic".

Now I'm nearing the end of the story (and the end of my wordcount) and trying to wrap things up up in preparation to start editing. I get it built up all to the climactic final battle...

...and my little s**t of an MC refuses to stab the big bad. Just. Outright. gonk

Sad part is, I'm loving it. Even if it means I need to scramble to figure out "where we go from here" now. Guess I'm in it for another few chapters, at least!

So, have any of you guys had the (mis)fortune of a character turning your plot on its head, to your enjoyment? If so, do share!
I feel dumb for asking, but what's an MC?
Mayor Gravity
I feel dumb for asking, but what's an MC?

Main Character. ^_^
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Questionable Borg

TT Snim
Mayor Gravity
I feel dumb for asking, but what's an MC?

Main Character. ^_^
Gotcha, I've just never seen it abbreviated.
TT Snim
Elfus Arianteus
This is amusing me and I had to share it. I tried to give the MC a physical drawback. Her foot went bad and she was given a bronze cane to walk on. This was supposed to hold her back.

But ever since I gave it to her she's not once lamented it. In fact, she uses it to cause as much trouble as possible. Anywhere from hitting the antagonist in the stomach with it, to steering a skateboard with it, to making loud noises to get the neighborhood kids in line. She really seems to like it a lot more now that she has it. She gets creative with it.

Is she related to House? emotion_facepalm

Does she have a bitchin' cane?

Lawl. I should've known that the relation to House would be made.

xD Her cane is made out of pure bronze. She's a human who lives in a fae village with elves. Instead of using primarily wood and iron for their building materials, they use ceramics and bronze. So instead of getting a wooden cane, they gave her a bronze one. I don't think there's anything special otherwise. It'd definitely hit harder than House's cane.
I tend to only think of a starting point, and then see where my story will end up. I think of a world and rules to keep to, and a preferred starting point, but as soon as I am halfway through, I've forgotten the ending. And sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
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I know how my story ends, but I'm nowhere near finished even though I'm past the goal for words... It just keeps going

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