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And realizing I'll probably need either a sequel or a lot more than 50,000 words to finish this story. Golly, and to think this all started with a handful of words on a page back at the beginning! Anyone else surprised by their work?
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Yup. I'm not sure the 18k I have left will finish off the story. I'll probably have to cap it off at 75k (or here's for hopes) in December.
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Yes, if for no other reason than I've managed to pull scenes from "nowhere" that have actually added a bit to the story, and even given me a few phrases I actually like.

I'm right behind you, at 41k, but I think I'm doomed to not reach the 50k mark. My only other writing day is tomorrow, and I've not written more than 6k in one day. Oh, and I'm out of scenes, again.
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Oh, it's going to take a lot more than 50,000 to reach the end of this story. I've even got sequels lined up, so if I manage to get this one finished by next year, I'll be able to write the second one next year!
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I knew my story was going to be long, but I didn't think it would be quite as long as it is probably going to be, now.

My story takes place during three separate lifetimes.

The first one starts off when MC1 is just five years old. We, as readers, explore his life as he grows and learns. Then, as an adult, he comes to know MC2, and the two grow together until MC1 tragically dies at the age of thirty-two. Then, we watch as MC2 takes over that which MC1 left behind in his hands. Finally, after decades, MC3 is born. We then watch her grow under the guidance of MC2, and the story ends after a long, long journey that was predicted in one of many of MC1's prophecies.

If you can see my signature, you can see that I already won this year. I'm still writing as actively as before, but even with my word count of nearly 60,000 words, MC1 is only ten years old.

You can go ahead and guess how much longer this is going to be.

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