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Which are you better at: creating characters or plot?

characters 0.48031496062992 48.0% [ 61 ]
plot 0.1259842519685 12.6% [ 16 ]
I rock at both 0.11811023622047 11.8% [ 15 ]
about the same 0.14173228346457 14.2% [ 18 ]
I suck at both 0.086614173228346 8.7% [ 11 ]
just gimme goldz! 0.047244094488189 4.7% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 127 ]
This poll closed on December 1, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Eternal_Love_Song's avatar

Playful Sweetheart

I tend to better with characters. I usually end up thinking of them more concretely than I think of the plot, so they tend to get more spotlight.
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Honestly, I think I'm better at making characters simply because it's more fun. I tend to have plot holes, though. :/
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Aekea Pirate

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If you were to judge me by my RP characters you wouldn't think so but I do believe that I can provide both well developed plots and characters.

My only standing issue that I have right now is that if I am trying to do more than one plot certain elements tend to repeat themselves. And I find myself trying my best to do something else but it ends up changing crucial points to the plot if I do.
i think i'm better at characters, since i come from a sort-of artsy background.

i always have a general idea for my plots but the details evolve based on what the characters would do, i think.

idk i'm not that deep lol
I'm -apparently- quite good at characterization, dialogue and world-building, but absolutely terrible at putting things together into a coherent story. Plot? What plot?
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Plot I guess. I can put make characters pretty decently, but I'm better at forming some interesting plotlines.
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Romantic Paladin

I do better with characters. XDDD (However, with the couple of plot ideas I DO have, I can't seem to think of any characters that don't seem cliche............)
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Devoted Carnivore

Characters by far xd This was one of the few plots I actually outlined, but I had to do that to keep my characters from rambling on indefinitely.
Characters. Definitely characters and when I do have an actual plot I never know what kind of characters do inhabit the world.
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Sparkly Sex Symbol


I can build great worlds.
Plots are decent.


Actually meshing everything into a story?
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I am really bad at doing plots that last more than a couple of chapters.
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Fashionable Firestarter

I have 10 times more creativity for characters, though when I do obtain a plot I want I can usually turn it into something good. So, my characters probably don't develop much later in the story as my plot does, but my characters get a lot more early development.
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Newbie Prophet

I'm really good with plots. My stories are really well interwoven, with little details here and there that seem mostly insignificant, but come to play an important part later on. I get my inspiration in that regard from JK Rowling. Both her characters and her story is just phenomenally crafted.

On that note, I'm also looking for good roleplayers. I assume that people writing a novel (hopefully) would be both literate AND interested in roleplaying, so... If you're interested, shoot me a PM with your favorite genres and I'll see what I can pull together biggrin

I can do any kind of story or plot-line, but I really prefer to stay away from slave/master roleplays.

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