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You only fail if you quit. NaNoWriMo is a personal challenge more than a contest. You can set a personal goal for yourself other than the 50k. It doesn't even have to be a specific word count. As long as you don't quit, even if you don't technically win, you're not a failure. You probably will write more in one month than a lot of other people do in a whole year or more (creatively speaking). So that's something.
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I personally didn't get to start until the 5th, and that was a school day. School then loaded me with homework so I couldn't get anything written. So far I have 9040 words, and that's all I'm going to get thanks to my teachers.
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Anxious Noob

I missed the start of novel writing month, which is rather depressing... I am planning on writing as much as I can, but I have no expectations of finishing : (
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Questionable Lunatic

Keep trying. Push yourself. NaNoWriMo isn't supposed to be easy! That's what makes it so fun and annoying!
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Kawaii Shoujo

i stopped caring like two weeks ago. oops.
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I had a friend who attempted.
She got to 20568 words, but then accidentally deleted the whole thing! gonk
But hey, at least she tried her best...

oh my gosh that sucks. I would literally cry!!

My computer derped out on me once, and I lost about 100k on a project. It wasn't a NaNo one but I was so proud out it and I totally flipped. I was angry all day until I found a way to recover it, and then I cried in relief and made about twenty backups of it.
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Lemon Pledge

It's my first year. I didn't expect to make it ^^;

This is bullshit!
No, wait,

No, um... it's my first year out too. Current word count is 36,709 and that's because I'm screwing around on Gaia right now instead of writing.
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I was doing well until I got sick twice. Had no energy to do anything much less write. ;_;
Ahah I only got to 2000 words and fell behind miserably. School got the best of me and decided to rip me a new one.

It's the problem with being a third-year English major, I guess.
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Apocalyptic Visionary

I thought about joining but didn't. Do you have a private page you write on or can everyone see it? Or do you just write wherever and keep count? I'm a little confused since I've never done it.

Good luck to everyone on making your goals! biggrin
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my bestfriend is done already .. she wrote 53K+ words .. hehe .. smile
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lol i haven't even started yet so don't feel down rofl
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Tipsy Gekko

[******** I FORGOT

DX Swept up in school and s**t... no time at this bloody school. >:c
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Tried to rekindle something I had going, but I got no spark.
Can I just say it's really awesome to hear from so many Gaians?! smile
I mean, I basicly gave up Nano, but I've been inspired and even though I won't finish by November, I've vowed to write at least one full paragraph a day. It'll take longer, but I know I can do it. smile
And definite kudos to those of you who finished Nano! You are brave Gaians.

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