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I got my 50k in the middle of one of my characters basically ripping on the muses for his current status of butt monkey for the universe. Hence my 50k word and the lack of a fourth wall.
I hit my 100k with another character going over how all the fairy tales seem to be coming true and deciding that she is not the reincarnated person of legend that everyone thinks she is. Spoiler: she is and tv tropes will ruin your life.
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Vene, vidi, vici!!!

...but I wasn't officially participating on the NaNo sight. I wrote 50,000 words onto a previous project, so it probably wouldn't have counted anyway.

50,000th word is "bare."
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Find the NaNoWriMo guildhere. It should be still active through December, if you want help editing. *migrates Malkie to this list from the guild*

@ShionTheSlave: It's a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in a month; look around this sub-forum for a bit more. But it's takes place in November, so it's over for most of the world (but still some more hours for some of us).

@Maxime Robespierre: Yay, you made it! Great job! At least you made good use of that planning time. I can understand why you'd be off Gaia, as it is distracting. But you came back in time for recognition for your wonderful efforts!

@Misuki Marishima: All right, a little bit beyond the goal! Woohoo, excellent work! Now's the time to party and celebrate your lovingly made world and characters.

@whimsicaldreamer: TV Tropes is dangerous to NaNoWriMo (but inspiring...)

@Aevona: haha, well I'll give you a pass. You ought to try out the NaNo site for next year; the discussions are great and can really get you thinking. Plus there's always someone up for a word war, or giving you story dares, or even answer questions you have about any problem you can come up with (I recall a discussion once on NaNo about what would happen if you turned a building into Jello). Still, great work on your project!
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Gaia Username: Pixie -x- BOMB
NaNo Username: PenroseParadox
50,000th Word: spot

A great big wopping middle finger to all the papers I had to write this month and (to a certain degree) my digital composition project from tearing me away from my writing.

Next year, I shall be in that overachiever's list...muahhahahaha.

And now to write my essay on Faust and Everyman!
heart heart heart heart
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Migrated Chezhire3Kat and Supinelu from the guild.

@Pixie -x- BOMB: Eee, great work finishing with all that competition! Of course, now writing an essay is nothing compared to completing NaNoWriMo's challenge. Congratulations, and looks like you have the last spot on the list unless some stragglers show up today. Yay!

@Dady Muffins: Hi!

Well, now it's December. I'll be around for next November's crazy writing event, most likely. What about you?
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I didn't hit the 50k, but I got about 12 pages done. So it's an improvement.
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Okay, I said I'd be posting in this thread before too long, and what do you know, I actually won! Haha... just barely though. Well, sort of. I tend to consider winning with two days to spare being "just barely" for me. *snickers* All the same... yeah, got 50k, so I'm happy with that. Now I just have to actually finish the book, since I was only about halfway through it and left my poor character in a really tight spot. razz
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