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Peaceful Lunatic

@Mayor Gravity: Darn those plotholes! Always messing stuff up.

@Knight of Disorder: Okay, got you added here, and I'll get the guild list in a moment. Congrats to you! *throws sparkly confetti at you* Too bad doing so broken your brain (I know what that feels like; awful, ain't it?). I hope you get it all fixed up soon!
hi there biggrin
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Wheezing Lunatic

I am not yet done.

Good to see there are more of us who reached 50k!


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Peaceful Lunatic

Yup, it is. Brought over another winner from the guild list. Yay!

Only three days left! It's always a bit sad (and exhausting) to reach the end of this. But I hope more winners get on the list!
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Girl-Crazy Lover

13,300 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Battle: Mage 100
  • Magical Girl 50
Gaia Username: Paylynn
NaNo Username: Leyonie
50,000th Word: 'All'
Woot woot just finished it at 6pm my time! heart now for editing... *Dead*
Gaia Username: Elfus Arianteus
NaNo Username: Sarosong
75,000th Word: Used

Is this how I get to the over-achievers?
Gaia Username: The Lobster Queen
NaNo Username: Silverwinglie
50,000th Word: "glad"
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Lucky Millionaire

10,800 Points
  • Beta Gaian 0
  • Luck of the Draw 50
  • Millionaire 200
The streets are filled with Christmas cheer.
At least it's only once a year!
Perfect parcels tied with perfect bows,
And carols ringing in my ear!

Quiet! The real king of Bullworth Academy speaks!

xUser Image

Gaia Username: Bullworthian Fuehrer
NaNo Username: Lady Snookeroo
50,000th Word:  On. 
I actually have 50,060 words. Cool, huh?
Also: I won NaNo on Black Friday, but couldn't find this thread until now. Go figure.  

OK. Since it's Christmas, I'll let you speak to me!

Carolers are at my door.
Don't wanna hear them anymore!
Stockings on the mantle,
The snow's here everyday.
But it's a green Christmas anyway...
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Peaceful Lunatic

@Paylynn: Yay, great work! Eh, you can leave editing for a few more days. Celebrate now! You deserve it for your hard work.

@Elfus Arianteus: Sure, that works. Now there's three of us there. Nice!

@The Lobster Queen: Whee, I bet you're glad now, huh? Congratulations! I hope you've had a lot of fun with NaNoWriMo.

@Bullworthian Fuehrer: I've seen you around here and read about your project, so it's awesome to see you get listed here. Yay for another winner! Excellent going.
Gaia Username: Shikonkun
NaNo Username: HaydenWatford
50,000th Word: Helping.

I... feel accomplished! crying

I have over 50k, but... yeah. Still made it. x3
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Peaceful Lunatic

@Shikonkun: Got you added on the list. And it is a great accomplishment! With everything that life can throw at a person, getting a 50K start of a novel finished is great work! Now take a break; you deserve it.

EDIt: and added Malee and Todd186 from our fabulous NaNoWriMo guild!
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Dapper Shapeshifter

10,800 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Grunny Harvester 150
  • Way Too Many Pies 300
Gaia Username: GuruLazer
NaNo Username: GuruLazer
50,000th Word: Cursed

Got there in the end! dramallama Now to finish the novel... 3nodding
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Dedicated Evader

16,450 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Survivor 150
  • Autobiographer 200
Just finished today! *dances* Winning feels awesome, guys!

Gaia Username: Miss Augusta
NaNo Username: Vrenn
50,000th Word: "will"

...'Course, now I'm going to feel weirdly empty for the next week because I won't have to write. (That is, unless I start revisions right away...)
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Dapper Prophet

7,300 Points
  • Grunny Rainbow 100
  • Battle: Mage 100
  • Brandisher 100
Gaia Username: tarvalian
NaNo Username: tarvalian
50,000th Word: fire

And I started late too, whoohoo~ xd
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Peaceful Lunatic

Not very long left to November and we're getting lots of winners! Added Terribly WorriedWoodchuck from the guild.

@GuruLazer: Wooo, go you! That's an awesome word to end up on; of course, you're obviously not cursed with this. Go make that novel's ending wonderful!

@Miss Augusta: Oh yeah post-NaNo days are weird. I just keep writing and add back editing, but I'm a bit nutty about it. But it's great that you won! *claps and adds the perfect music to your dancing*.

@Tarvalian: Ah, a late starter, but a winner too. Excellent job with that! You must have written enough to set your fingers on fire! ha-ha, great work!

Let's start a party in this thread for the last day! Wheeeee!

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