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Hey out there! Have you reached the 50,000 word goal and want to be recognized for it? Post here and I'll add you to the winner's list as well as give you gushing cheers! If you haven't got there but have questions about writing (or you just want to slow my progress), feel free to ask them in here too. I'll get back to you.

Though if you want to know how I got here in five days, let me tell you this: a lot of time, a high typing speed, and an imagination that just won't quit.

Here's a simple little form to be filled out:

Gaia Username:
NaNo Username: (If you don't want to make it known here, I'll take winner forms by PM too)
50,000th Word: (If this is inappropriate for the forums or may get censored, please choose a word near it.)

Banner by Eien no Natsu. Thank you!


Ysavvryl, 11/05, 'hissing'
Sevi Rais, 11/05, 'own'
Whimsicaldreamer, 11/08, 'muse'
Elfus Arianteus, 11/17, 'too'
radioactive alchemist, 11/17, 'change'
Chouryou, 11/18, 'already'
Chanthar, 11/20, 'dialing'
Dark Doe Alysse, 11/20, 'from'
Appelsina, 11/23, 'or'
Knight of Disorder, 11/23, 'options'
Bullworthian Fuehrer, 11/25, 'on'
shinobi_girl13, 11/27, 'scale'
Paylynn, 11/27, 'all'
The Lobster Queen, 11/28, 'glad'
Malee, 11/28, 'the'
Shikonkun, 11/29, 'helping'
Todd186, 11/29, 'all'
GuruLazer, 11/29, 'cursed'
Miss Augusta, 11/29, 'will'
tarvalian, 11/29, 'fire'
Terribly WorriedWoodchuck, 11/29, 'say'
Emaleya, 11/29, 'grandfather'
Eruravenne, 11/30, 'need'
Aven Maro, 11/30, 'volunteer'
KT_JDDD, 11/30, 'Blaine'
Mahiru Suoh, 11/30, 'arm'
MageQueenHoshi, 11/30, 'being'
She-Ra of Etheria, 11/30, 'agony'
Maxime Robespierre, 11/30, 'search'
Misuki Marishima, 11/30, 'here'
Aevona, 11/30, 'bare'
Malkie, 11/30, 'name'
Chezhire3Kat, 11/30, 'puncture'
Supinelu, 11/30
Pixie -x- BOMB, 11/30, 'spot'
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Peaceful Lunatic

The Overachievers List

Are you going above and beyond the standard wordcount goal? Are you making others jealous enough to want to defenestrate you? Give me a note about it and I'll move your name to the appropriate ranking. But be careful around windows...

I will add rankings for every 25,000 words: 75K, 100K, 125K, and so on, probably up to 200K, if anyone dares get that far.

75K Mark

Elfus Arianteus

100K Mark


125K Mark

That's an awesome idea! Now I will make my 75k word count! YEAH, BBY <3
Thanks for the motivation, kid. emotion_dealwithit
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Yeah, go for it! Get those 75K words out of your heart and onto blank pages!

*laughs at being called a kid*
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This oughta be stickied. Can we get this stickied?
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I dunno, although it would be nice, especially since there won't be many winners this early. But I'll try be around whenever they show up.
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Finished in 5 days too. XD No idea why this image says I'll finish on the 6th when I finished yesterday night. It told me I'd finish on the 5th last night. *shrug* XD

User Image

I might go beyond this. My highest was in 09 when I got to 86k for the month (1.2k away from the ending!!) That was my previous best at 8 days.

User Image

Now I have to make the scenes come together since some scenes are more out of place than others. I mean, I know what I want to do, but I still need some questions to be answered. /nodnod

Gaia Username: Sevi Rais
50,000 word: "own" (I am not kidding. XDD)
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Peaceful Lunatic

Awesome, the guild owner finished in five days too! And you even went so far as to post stat graphs. Magnificent job, now get to scene linking!

'Own' is a great word to end up at 50K on. You totally owned the challenge.
Nov. 6, and I have maybe 1000 words (handwritten, so no exact count, but I can guess). I don't think I'll be on your winners list, but hey, I'm gonna try.
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Peaceful Lunatic

@hanoo_chan: It is harder choosing to do handwriting, but kudos to you for being brave enough to attempt it! I wish you great luck and much imagination on that endeavor.
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Peaceful Lunatic

First week is almost up. Now BACK UP YOUR NOVEL! Just in case a werewolf gnaws on your laptop, frying himself and the memory. Or something like that. You never know.
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12,700 Points
  • Profitable 100
  • Tycoon 200
  • Bidding War 100
Oh man, I was thinking the same thing. Also, backed it up right after I won.

When I hit the 50k word I initially thought "own" was a stupid word to end on. You can tell how extremely tired I was. xd ! That and occasionally I would mess up on a word (I mean, so much that it was an entirely different word that I typed, like "think" instead of "that". I mean, what?! Haha).

Now I have to go back and start writing again. I hate it when I slack off right after! It's usually for a long period too. emotion_0A0

The thing is ... I'm kind of running out of ideas! This novel is just a continuation of the novel last year, so it's kind of ... there? But I do need transitions, like why the characters are in certain situations when I still don't know how they got there. I just know they need to be there. Haha!

I'm also working on it extra hard because I'll be leaving on the 17th for Texas!

Edit: Also, when it is more near to the end of the month, you should post this same thread in the guild!
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Sure, I can make a list in the guild (and then guild members can have the perk of being on two winner lists!).

I got to a point in my story where I realized it would make for a neat series, because the plot is only killing one dragon and there's five uber-dagons lurking about. But when I considered it further, the book additions that made sense all come before and end during the one I'm writing. So this first one I write might end up being the last of a series. Weird...

I hope the rest of you out there are doing well on NaNo!
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Peaceful Lunatic

I hope you're all doing well out there! The second week can be a drag, but don't give up.
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Peaceful Lunatic

Getting close to the midway point, so I hope to see some more names up soon!

And yes, I know I should be in the Overachiever's list now, but I'm not budging until someone else can be moved.

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