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So I'm currently at 38000 words. I'll be at 40k by tonight's end, hopefully more.

Anyone got any advice for a two day sprint?

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Questionable Borg

Coffee. Lots. Of. Coffee.
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Tipsy Shapeshifter

Mayor Gravity
Coffee. Lots. Of. Coffee.

Not a huge fan, but that's my backup plan lol smile
Unplug the phone. Turn off your internet. Load up your MP3 Player of choice.

And focus. Focus!
People have won on the first day, you can win on the last; you can do it!!!

(No good advice here, but I am happy to provide cheerleading)
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May the force be with you. eek
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If you ever feel like you should stop to think, ignore it and ramble your way through the tricky portion. Good things can come out of writing on the edge of your seat like that. At the very least, more words to get to your goal. And good luck!
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        I am in the same boat, my friend. Let us focus our literary minds and break through the thick wall of blocks and prevail to victory!
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If you feel like you're at a pass, unable to think clearly or maybe your character is backed into a figurative wall and you don't know where the story is going.... word vomit --- or write and excerpt for where you KNOW you want the story to end up and if there's time/you need more words, You should be able to figure out how to get your character to that excerpt point after you've written it out. GOOD LUCK!
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Tipsy Shapeshifter

Ahh! Lots of good advices smile

Thank ewe :3

Officially made 40,670 before last night, so it's really 9230 in 2 days wink
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Mayor Gravity
Coffee. Lots. Of. Coffee.
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word wars!
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Tipsy Shapeshifter

Unfortunately I don't have anyone to challenge except myself.
I think I'll be running on a latte tomorrow to make sure that I can power through my final four thousand words. Keep up the words of encouragement smile They really mean a lot to a writer.
cool awesome great..... xp

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