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Considering the conflicting feels a lot of folks have towards this season, I thought it would be really fun for folks to present their own idea for an episode.

Who would it be about? What would the character do and what would they eventually learn from the experience? Not just what you want to see happen, but what you would personally come up with if you were a writer for the show and needed to present an episode synopsis.

Me? I'd want to write up another Hearth's Warming Eve episode, but a bit different this time. In this case, the ponies go their separate ways to spend time with their families.

Some perhaps feeling anxious about it like Twilight who hasn't spent time with her parents for a long while, Pinkie Pie being excited to head back to the rock farm with a multitude of gifts and Rarity dreading certain family traditions. Like decorating with her family where they absolutely destroy whatever tasteful (Who am I kidding? It's just gems.) display she sets up with their own 'creative' designs.

So we get to see their families and the relationships they have with any siblings and parents, memories from their youth, and how, even though the families would all be vastly different and filled with emotions ranging from boisterous/quiet to affectionate/awkward, the happiness they feel being close to their loved ones during the holiday ends up being the same for all of them no matter what.

Then if there's a lesson to be learned and sent to Celestia, at the time she'd be sitting in a decorated room when Luna would enter dressed up in a way that is similar to a particularly silly tradition one of the Mane six's family would have done during the course of the episode. Causing the two to look at each other and laugh as it ends.

It's kinda cliche and more than a little cheesy, but that's my contribution. XD No great writer am I, but I can't wait to enjoy reading what kind of episodes you would write!
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I have at least a few ideas.

1: After becoming one herself, Twilight inquires about Alicorns. She is curious because since she -the audience in this case- knows very little about the breed, despite being one herself. In all her years of study she hasn't come across any information about them. She has only ever known three of them in her lifetime. Were they ever plentiful like the other breeds of ponies that inhabit Equestria? Are they even a breed at all or is becoming one purely attained by a unicorn being very attuned to their magical abilities? It's very cliche' as well, since many cartoons do have episodes that do similar things when a main character wonders "Why me?" or "What am I?"

2: Some kind of showdown between Discord and some other evil entity threatening Equestria. He's on their side now and it would be a complete waste to just do absolutely nothing with that development. Celestia stated his magic could come in handy so, why not write in something for him to fight? I just don't want a simple fight, though, like that lame crap in Magic Duel. I want it to be something that will really make you feel for Discord. Something that would really test him. How strongly does he feel towards his new friends and allies? How tempting is it for him to revert to an overlord of chaos? Being a kids show we know the answer already: good always triumphs. But still IT would be nice to have something tugs at us so much that we are shouting at our TVs/Computers "No, Discord don't do it!"

3: And episode where the 6 travel to a distant land, far beyond Celestia's kingdom. We have tons of potential. Zecora's home for instance: What if she wanted them to come home with her? Saddle Arabia, too. INstead of learning more about them, we got to watch Trixie torture innocent citizens of Ponyville. :/ Maybe and Ocean Kingdom so we can meet some Sea Ponies like in that book. Something...ANYTHING at this point. Ponyville is so stagnant now.
Okay, here's a crazy crack-idea episode...
Zecora prepares to leave for her homeland, and invites the Mane 6. Of all of them, only Fluttershy and Rarity decide to come along, and upon arriving there, Zecora's people are shown to be... not exactly "poor", but what we would consider under-blessed in our standards. I mean, they would have housing and a decent (but not too good) supply of food, but they'd have lack of clothing (shown by rags). Fluttershy and Rarity are heartbroken, and both would go to work to help these natives, Rarity by creating simple yet elegant clothes for them, and Fluttershy by socializing with them (completely out of her character, but yeah), possibly helping to clean them up, even making friends with the zebra foals, and they would in turn show her the animals that are indigenous to their land. In return, the whole tribe gives Rarity and Fluttershy some kind of gift to remember them by; for Fluttershy, a wooden giraffe carved out by one of the foals, and for Rarity, either a lovely bowl woven by one of the female natives, or a tunic woven by them.

The main message of the story would be that despite our small numbers, people can make a difference in other countries just by helping out.
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An episode all about Diamond Tiara. It would be about how she got her cutie mark.

It would be an episode where Diamond would be talking to Silver Spoon about it and the CMC would be spying in on them to hear how they got their cutie marks so they can figure out how to get theirs. It would cut to a flashback with her dad, too busy with buying and selling stocks, or whatever it is that he does to be rich, to notice Diamond. Then it would cut to a scene where Silver Spoon is showing off her new cutie mark, and Diamond Tiara gets jealous over all of the attention. Ironically, it is her then friend, Applebloom, that tells her not to worry about her cutie mark so much. Diamond Tiara then goes home and cries, then she notices a tiara that was supposed to be saved specifically for her Cutecinera. She wears said tiara to class the next day, gaining lots of attention. She realizes that above all else, she loves standing out and being the center of attention, thus earning her cutie mark.
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I'm just imagining what not to put in an episode (like Fluttershy eating meat or Rainbow Dash making a sonic rainboom too close to Ponyville and breaking all the windows).
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Just as long Queen Chrysalis stays a 'bad guy' and Sombra gets more lines next season, I'll be fine.

Also, if the Alicorn Twi episode left any open ends behind then somewhere in the next season there would need to be an episode covering that.

And lastly, more lessons. Maybe some lessons little kids could actually learn from. Like an episode about accepting other opinions and stuff. The sooner they learn that lesson; the better off this world would be.
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I think an interesting episode would be if Pinkie Pie were to lose her job at Sugarcube Corner. Especially during this generation, where tons of people have been losing their jobs, it might be close to home for some kids and their parents. She'd try out some of the jobs her friends have, and realize they wouldn't really work for her, but eventually, the Cakes would rehire her, because I feel like if Pinkie Pie weren't working for Sugarcube Corner, it would change the plot too much.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna make this a fan fic now.

Honestly, I like your idea. It'd be a really nice feel-good episode, one that would be close to home for some. I was big on the Baby Cake's episode, since it was about babies, and I'd feel that if this episode was real, it might be one of my faves. <w <

Quite a few episodes are cliche and cheesy. This is MLP we're talking about. xD
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♡ A celestia and luna centered episode about alicorns in general. ♡
♡ We don't know much about celestia besides her being the princess who raises the sun. Same with luna. ♡

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