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I remember a little bit of this show the most I remember was My Little Pony Rescue at Midnights Castle and My Little Pony Tales when Disney was still good and had better cartoons lol . I also have one other DVD but I forgot the title
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I never watched the show, but I definitely remember the toys...I thought they were ugly and creepy, so I never asked for one. I preferred Puppies in My Pocket; had a whole collection of those little guys >w<
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When I was a little kid, I loved it.
Never re-watched it, so I only have blurry memories.

I definitely remember loving these guys, though:

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oh wow,lol i have a whole box of G1's including one of the 1st males from the series to be released back then , they were called Big Brother Ponies and were modled after Clydesdale horses, look at the hooves on them,lol mine is the Pirate, his name is Barnacle, lost his hat, i have a baby unicorn that had carriage but the carriage had a wreck,lol I have a bunch of the newer ones as well. i have a DVD of an orignal MLP movie, the one with 3 witches and the purple stuff called Smooze...as i recall the ponies had to seek out the flutter ponies for help. I'd love to be able to find Escape from Catrina and the one with little mushroom guy Mr.Moochek, if i'm right he gives the Ponies Paradise Estate and he's the one who gave Megan the rainbow of light. another G1 pony who had an accident was Cherries Jubilee, my cousin had the ponies for while and she gave her a mane cut either it was her or a friend of hers...big mistake to get her that goofy hair cut barbie at that time. so that poor Pony is a punk rocker haven't been able to replace her. I also have 2 of the Sweet Heart Sister ponies, lost thier skirts (think my cousin has those in her barbie clothes) and the perfume. had two sea ponies..but one with the float disappeared i think my cousin gave it away. glad i asked for them back,lol
I barely remember it. I use to love it as a little girl though solely from the toys. Unfortunately, my television didn't get the channel that showed it, so the few episodes I saw were from friends' movie collections or during get-togethers.
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I remember and liked the originals. They were of my time. I even collect the toys from that time.

The current ones don't bother me. I've only seen maybe a handful of episodes of it so far. I'm not hating it.

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When I was a little kid, I loved it.
Never re-watched it, so I only have blurry memories.

I definitely remember loving these guys, though:

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I loved those as well.
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I was a lil' kiddie in the 80s so I grew up on the old ponies. I was a big fan of the original cartoon and I had a lot of ponies. Sadly I don't have any of them anymore. I lost my last pony, Powder, when I moved.

I've seen some people saying the old cartoon was bad. But to be honest it was very typical of 80s cartoons aimed at girls. As for the toys, I'd have to say they had better mane hair. The tail hair got tangled and frizzed out easily. but I thought the mane hair was smoother. Well it helped that it tended to be shorter and the ponies themselves were bigger, so longer manes weren't too bad. I dunno, weird gripe I guess. sweatdrop

I had just about every type of pony. I had several sea ponies and they came with a shell that I would use as a soap dish in the bath. whee
The original fairy ponies were very small and the wings were extremely brittle. I remember mine tore off very quickly just from normal play.
My favorites from the 80s were Powder and Firefly. Firefly was a daredevil similar to Rainbow Dash. I remember once my brother threw my baby Firefly up on the roof of the sheet metal works behind our house and I had to get some kid to get it down for me because I was a very poor climber.

I do love the new cartoon and toys though. I've been buying the blind bags for me and my niece. but Walmart is sold out of them right now so I'll have to resort to Toys R Us, which is a little pricier.
i loved the 80's mlp, now its just s**t
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Ponies are stupid User Image
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I only was aware of the toys as a kid. However the only that usually stuck out to me then, since I was into buying all kind of pony/horse toys back then was that MLP ones were more expensive then the other ones so I never bought any.

But I did get Sky Skimmer ( I think her name was that , one of the ones Fluttershy is based on)
as a gift
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Wasn't around during the 80s but I'm super in love with the g1 ponies. I have a few in my collection.
When I viewed it as a child I enjoyed Bubbles character. This is her if you don't know her.

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80s child here. I loved ponies when I was a little, but forgot about them until FiM came along.
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80s child here; I had practically every single pony that came out, including the foals and pets. XD My faves were Firefly and Majesty. ^^ The cartoon was alright, but I hated the kids in it.

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To young to ever know of them... in fact up until now I never knew there was a cartoon, lol. But I did go and watch Rescue from Midnight Castle just to see the epicness of Tirek.

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