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rofl Pinkie Pie hands down! I love her enthusiastic fun-ness! dramallama Luna (mainly her nightmare moon phase) is a close second biggrin
I have to say the episode where they run into those goofy blue flowers with the spots and their "powers" all go crazy! Was the best so far imo smile
Deep voiced fluttershy, AMAZING! heart
i hate it xp xp xp xp xp xp xp
Pinky Pie is my favourite pony, Sweetie Bell is my Favourite pony who is not main six, I really like Apple Bloom's singing voice,
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My answers to these questions to the best I can answer them:

  • Which pony is your favorite/least favorite?

    I like a lot of the background ponies, especially Derpy and Doctor Whooves/Time Turner. I'm a big Doctor Who fan. I don't like Pinkie Pie very much.

  • Which cutie mark is your favorite/least favorite?

    I don't think there are any that I don't like. I like RD's though, and Derpy's. Twilight's is neat too, and I like Luna's a lot, even though the black part is not her cutie mark.

  • Which episode is your favorite/least favorite?

    I liked the Twilight's Kingdom 1 and 2 alot. I also like Return of Harmony 1 and 2 a lot. Least favorites? Probably the ones with the parasprites and the mirror pool. Pinkie was extra irritating in them to me; she's not one of my favorite ponies. I also don't like how Pinkie acted in Luna Eclipsed, because it was largely her fault that Nightmare Night was almost cancelled, and I also don't like how she acted in the Appleloosa episode where the pony settlers and buffalo natives were in a feud. The sheriff and chief almost had an agreement, then Pinkie's song friggin; ruined it for them.

  • Which pony style do you like best?

    Does this mean which Gen style? I like how Gen 4 looks a lot if that's the case, but i never watched any of the other Gens.

  • Which pony is the best?

    That's up for debate, but again, I like Derpy and the Doctor a lot.

  • Which pony has the best voice?

    I like Twilight's and AJ's a lot. Rarity has a neat voice too.

  • Which scene is your favorite?

    The fight/magic duel between super powered Twiligh and Tirek. So EPIC!

  • Which episode had the best/worst ending?

    Season 3's ending was way too rushed. Something like that should've been a 2 parter. They squeezed too much stuff into a time frame that was far too small.

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