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If we're talking about food, Rainbow Dash's name makes me wonder if her mother is Mrs. Dash... wink

But seriously... Discord... In terms of what we've seen in canon, what we need is something that starts off seemingly harmless, but possibly enjoyable if you can look past the "what-in-Equestria-is-going-on" factor, but then becoming less and less pleasant until it finally kills you (if the stained glass is a true depiction of what he did, anyway).

So maybe an Everlasting Gobstopper specially made so that the flavors run like that, and then the center is a noxious poison.
There is no honor in using poison. If you must kill your enemy, you let him die knowing the face of his killer. THAT is the Klingon way. emotion_donotwant

Now, for the matter of food. I am...disappointed with some of your ideas as to what I would be.

I would be one of two things:

Rock candy, or marble cake. emotion_dowant



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Rainbow Dash is skittles.
Rarity is marshmallows.
Scootaloo is chicken.
spongebob makes me think of a krabby patty [i know they r not real but i wish they were]
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spongebob makes me think of a krabby patty [i know they r not real but i wish they were]

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Rarity makes me think of marshmallows

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Twilight reminds me of those raspberry creme savers. You remember those.

Don't even play like you don't.

A.J., ironically enough, reminds me of some peaches and cream dish. Like, the kind with cool whip and cottage cheese and peaches and a package of peach jello mix.
Don't judge, that stuff's tasty.

Big Mac is obviously a cherry Jolly Rancher.
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lolwat? Um... this is a weird question. I think of flan when I think of Rarity I guess. Fluttershy makes me think of Elven bread from LOTR. Twilight makes me think of something powdered. Like pixie sticks.

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