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A voodoo headhunter zebra. Probably has a bone to pick with Zecora. 4laugh
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Distinct Raider

unicorn pony that controls volcanoes 8D
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A unicorn who is mostly reluctant to do anything.
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A unicorn I would not want to run into in an empty alley-way
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Bad-a** pegasus mare in Her Majesty's Special Air Service (Celestia's elite combat flight team I just made up/ripped off of the British SAS).
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Vermillion Striker

Not even gold and silver can

The most bad-a** earth pony ever.

break the two of us...
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Moonlight Healer

A rocking earth pony. 8D
A Pegasus. emotion_yatta
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Hallowed Sex Symbol

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Rainbow Dash!
The Pony above me is most deffinately a very well dressed and talented Earth pony
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A spiffy-looking Pegasus pony who went on a mission to make it rain, but ended up getting a booboo on his head...Luckily, his sister Celestia was there put a lovely band-aid on it. whee
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Generous Member

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A dark mysterious alicorn who lives deep in the Everfree forest eek
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Conservative Autobiographer

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A unicorn who's friendly and loves exploring.

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