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Not enough trixie and lyra.
I demand and episode with just those two. emotion_donotwant
Sorry not sorry I ship it.
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There really isn't anything in the show that I dislike too much. I mean, there are characters and plot lines that I prefer over others (Mane 6 > CMC, for instance), but nothing that really frustrates me too much on screen. That being said...the rabid fans. Lots of fans are super nice but some of them make me a little scared at times sweatdrop
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I kinda dislike the targeted demographic.

I'd want a pony episode where they deal with something a bit more serious.

But that's just me.
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The CMC are always a pain to watch, even when by themselves I still get annoyed by their antics. Scootaloo is the only tolerable one because of the fact that she has yet to have much development.

Some of the plots are too easy to predict the ending, case in point May the Best Pet Win. I knew the minute that damn turtle appeared what was about to happen and there was nothing to change that fact.

I also wish they would put more effort into crowd shots, they've created so many unique characters that it shouldn't be hard to put them in to crowds. Luna Eclipsed had the worst offense, going to far as to copying some of the mane characters just to fill in a crowd.
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* Not enough male characters

* Not enough Zecora

* Not enough AJ singing

* Not enough Luna

* Fluttershy annoys me sometimes
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i hate how:

1. the blind bag figurine males look dumb

2. The theme song still makes me uncomfortable

3. The intro to the first episode is so misleading for all the new people I'm trying to convince to like the show.
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Spike annoys me for some reason, maybe his voice.. The fact that he's the only dragon not stereotyped as 'mean' or 'evil' kind of annoys me.
The fact that there are so few colts in Equestria is bothersome.
Some of the cheesier sounds affects annoy me, like when the changelings were landing in Canterlot and made that annoying 'poit' sound that ruined it a little bit.
I also think Rainbow Dash ought to sing a bit more. To amuse me.
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Pinkie Pie. The episodes revolving around the Cutie Mark Crusaders (three more episodes and it'll qualify for the Beating a Dead Horse Award); I don't hate each individual CMC, but put them together and it gets old fast. Pinkie Pie. The way it can get a little TOO girly at times. Pinkie Pie. The mostly lame villains (only the three major villains are all that great). Pinkie Pie. The theme song. Pinkie Pie. The way the fan base acts. Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie. ******** PINKIE PIE. [******** PINKIE PIE. GOD DAMN ******** COCKSUCKING PINKIE PIE GODDAMN DO I WANT TO TURN HER INTO PINK GLUE SHE'S SO FRIGGIN OBNOXIOUS IF I SEE ONE MORE EPISODE ABOUT HER I'M GOING TO SHOOT MYSELF IN THE HEAD.

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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
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I hate Pinkie Pie. She's a terrible role model and an attention whore, as well as a bully in her own right. Seriously, whose bright idea was it to make a character that bullies or forces others into being her friend and can't accept 'No' for an answer? Not Faust; She originally intended for Pinkie to be free spirited, not some abomination who desperately needs Ritalin.

I hate the CMC. They're annoying and any episodes with them being the focal point are as grating as having to watch Pinkie Pie.

The fandom and all of the incessant crap that comes with it.
These are some of the reasons Pinkie is my least favorite character of the series. Let's not forget her mental break down because her friends didn't want to attend another one of her damn parties, which apparently, in her mind, meant they didn't want to be her friend anymore.

And when she tells Twilight the Cake twins don't listen to reason? Just how much common sense is she lacking? Anyone with a brain knows children at that age are only beginning to learn about the world around them.

When chaos ensued after Discord's release from imprisonment, she didn't seem to give two shits about the well-being of the world. When the Elements were revealed to be missing from the chest, she deliberately walked away announcing she'd be sipping chocolate rain on a ******** sippy straw. It just pissed me off how inconsiderate and irresponsible she was being for her own satisfaction, instead of showing an ounce of concern for the situation.

Yes she means well, yes she has her funny moments, but goddamn, she's just too damn happy all the time.
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Oh, god.. I know. I know. emotion_donotwant

She lives in her own bubble where she basically rejects everyone else's reality and substitutes her own. She doesn't get upset because she can't make her friends happy, she gets upset at the idea of not being the most OMGSOPOPULAR pony in the world.

All that she cares about is her goddamned parties to the point where she thinks that they're the single most important thing ever, which you can see when she makes the point to throw a bitchfit about how ponies not wanting to go to her parties = them not wanting to be her friend. Everything that she does is fueled by her own cravings for attention. She throws a shitload of parties and then when ponies finally decline to show up at one, it's instantly, "OMGMYLIFE IS OVURRRR MY FRIENDS DUN WANNA BE AROUND ME ANYMOREE1!1!1!!1!!!!!" God forbid that not everyone drops everything in their life and throws away whatever plans that they may have for themselves, because she decided to throw party after party after party every single night, giving no one any heads up.

If you did that in real life, it would be incredibly rude and selfish of you.

There's only so much that you can hide behind the whole, "I just want to make everyone happy." excuse. Look at Cranky Doodle Donkey; Her personality annoys this guy when he meets her. If she wanted to make him happy, then she would just let him be, but no. Because of her messed up and selfish logic, she HAS to be the pony to turn his mood around. She stalks him, destroys his property, drives him insane, and yes, while you can make the argument that she reunites him with his lost love, that still doesn't excuse the fact that she forces herself into a situation where she's not wanted and makes someone miserable in the process. Even her friend tells her that she shouldn't be butting herself into other's business and based on this episode, we can only assume that this is what she's going to do whenever she meets somebody who doesn't like her.

Not every single one of those ponies is going to have a lost love that she can reunite them with to make them go, "Lolololol I forgive you lololololo."

The vast majority of ponies that she harasses like this are going to be made miserable. Seriously; Imagine someone who HONESTLY annoys you or that you outright hate, wanting to spend every single second with you. There are probably ponies who would consider suicide, just to get away from her. When you look at her reasons for wanting to make others happy, it's never even motivated from an altruistic stance. She is only willing to accept that others are happy if she's involved in some way. If she really, genuinely cared about the happiness of others, then if someone didn't like her personality she would respect that and either minimize contact or tone her annoying a** down when they're around so as not to put them off.
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Argh, the parties...makes you wonder if she even has a career in mind to pursue. Look at the other mane six; Twilight is...well, I can imagine her becoming a teacher or some kind of royal wizard in Canterlot. Rainbow Dash wants to be an acrobat. Fluttershy is a vet which comes along with her duty as an animal caretaker. Rarity is a fashion designer. Applejack is a farmer. What is Pinkie? A party animal, and nothing more. As far as we know, the only goal in life is to party and 'make everyone around her happy.' Unfortunately, making others happy can only happen when she's involved in the picture.

She threw those parties without even putting into consideration her friends might be busy, Rarity is a perfect example of this given her career and occasional deadlines. While her friends and just about everypony are working their hides off to make a living and end's meet, Pinkie tends to her own satisfaction.

Instead of calmly approaching her friends about the truth to why they don't attend the after-party, she stalks and chases Rainbow Dash to no end like a ******** lunatic.

The way she craves for attention and looses her damn mind when no one wants to or can't attend her stupid parties is as if she was neglected her whole life, which obviously, is not true. If anything, she'd probably just use that as an excuse to act that way.

As for Cranky Doodle, I can't recall how many times he told her to leave him alone. In the process of trying to force making him a friend down his throat, she burned a very important photo album. But instead of taking the hint from his anger, she continued her harassment. And instead of taking Twilight and Rainbow Dash's advice on not butting in, as you said, she leaves with deciding to do this only AFTER he accepts her apology. I mean goddamn, not everyone in life is going to accept an apology depending on one's actions, but apparently this doesn't register to her because she's too damn selfish and needy for attention and friends when she has plenty as is.

She thought taking care of babies was all fun and games, as if she hadn't even been paying attention to the responsibilities and chores that came with infants after they came home from the hospital. When she finds the task of keeping them under control too much, she has another mind breakdown and cries.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there have been residents who moved away to another town because of her. As much as I dislike Gilda, it wasn't hard to see how annoying Pinkie was to her. If she's not happy, then others shouldn't be happy as well. She has the gall to drive others up the wall without showing an ounce of acknowledgement for it, you can only imagine how batshit insane she'd be if somepony flat out said they hated her and her parties.
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Even her back story was aggravating to watch. People act like she's such a damn martyr. She didn't have a terrible life at all. She had a home, food, and a family that cared about her. Her ******** problem was that she was bored, when you get right down to it. Boo hoo, she didn't want to farm rocks all day. Yeah, that OBVIOUSLY means that she was neglected, abused, etc. Bitches be trippin'. rolleyes


The writers really coddle her as a character and it's sickening. She, herself, is just a giant child. She wouldn't have really been able to care for those babies. When children (and I use this to apply to irresponsible teens and adults who haven't matured) try to care for children, it never works.

Oh, I've completely sided with Gilda. I know that everyone is all DDAAWWW AMG SHE WAS MEEEEN!1!!!!111, but Pinkie was rude as hell and everyone just shrugs it off like, "LOL DATS SO FAWNY SHE RANDUM LOL!1!!!" Dash sees Pinkie every single day. She hadn't seen Gilda in how long? When people that you haven't seen in ages come to visit, you spend time with them because you don't know when you're going to see them again. Pinkie just couldn't accept that she wasn't the center of attention for every single creature and that's so.. disgusting. It really is. Even if it's fictional, it's the fact that people like this actually exist. It's gross and aggravating to watch. It's like having a really bad cold and shitting all over yourself before you can make it to the bathroom.
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Not enough adventure. I know why there isn't more, I just think it would be nice. It's why I like the two parters over the single episodes, other then Lesson Zero which was just plain crazy, in a good way.

And the fans. Jesus, it's a cartoon, people over think the show and characters. They're not completely flat and interchangeable but they're not that deep either. People over think a lot of entertainment. A book can be a metaphor for something, but sometimes a book is just a book. Just because something isn't completely mindless doesn't mean people have to break down every little detail. Sometimes what a person sees in a character as depth is just their own subconscious talking about themselves. A Rorschach test if you will.
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We can assume her family became more lively the day she got her Cutie Mark, considering they were all dancing and enjoying the party together. I really don't see her need for attention when she doesn't even have a good reason to act that way.

Now that you put it that way, yes, she is just like an overgrown child. She can't handle responsibility, she lacks certain common sense. Everpony else is living out on their own, she lives with what could be considered adoptive parents. Given the way she acts, she probably wouldn't last long on her own. It'd be a freaking miracle if she ever grows up mentally.

As for Gilda, I don't hate her, but I don't like her, either. But what you've mention makes me sympathize with and better understand her attitude towards Pinkie. Gilda wanted to spend time with Dash to catch up. Had Pinkie not interfered and annoyed the s**t out of her, things may have been somewhat different. Hell, Gilda may have actually decided to meet Dash's new friends later on. Yeah, she was a jerk and stole, but I can sympathize her aggravation with Pinkie. The pranks at party she threw completely misleaded Gilda into thinking it was all set up by Pinkie in order to show everyone what a jerk she was. She got fed up with it and reacted out of frustration and anger, and in the end, she lost Dash's friendship, which hurt her considering her reaction after Dash told her to find new friends elsewhere. Pinkie didn't show an ounce of sympathy for the broken friendship between Gilda and Dash, in fact she seemed quite happy with it. Instead of giving Dash sympathy for losing a close friend from her school days, she convinces everyone to continue the party, which shows just how self centered she is.

As nasty as that last bit was worded, I completely agree with you. God only knows they make her less of a batshit, party/attention-obsessed spaz in Season 3...but what are the chances of that happening.
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She's the 'My Little Pony' of attention whores; She never actually contributes to any conversation. She just jumps out of nowhere, screams something random, and then vanishes off camera. In every episode whenever they're discussing something, she never actually contributes to any conversation with extremely rare exceptions. She's not even a character that you could talk to, because all that she's capable of doing is yelling out random LOLWUTs.

I never actually hated her this much just from watching the show, either. My dislike of her was pretty damn strong, but once I started being open about how she was my most hated character, I got a lot of crap for it. Every time you say that Pinkie Pie is your least favorite character or that you find something about her annoying or hell, even if you dare to say that she's your second to most favorite, her fans instantly jump down your throat; Screaming and raging about how she's the best pony ever. That you're closed minded, intolerant, and not a true fan if she's not even somewhat likable.

I've known people who act like Pinkie Pie in real life and you know what? They don't really make everyone around them happy. There are people in my life who act like her, always trying to be funny when it isn't wanted or needed and force their opinions and company on other people who just want to be left alone. And, you know what? That doesn't make you feel better. It makes you feel as if you have no personal space. It feels as if you're being violated over and over again. In real life, the Pinkie Pie type makes you feel like s**t about yourself because what you want for yourself isn't good enough. You have to want what they want for you.

I don't attack Pinkie cosplayers or block them if they friend request me. I don't spam gore of her being murdered horribly in her sleep. I only post my opinions of her in these kinds of threads, where it's asked or when the discussion arises. Yet, I've had countless numbers of her fans harass me until no end simply because I don't like her. I don't care when people don't like Cadence. I don't see why me hating Pinkie is a such a big, damned deal.

Her 'Smile' song also annoys the crap out of me, too. It's probably the worst song that I've ever had to hear from the series, because not only does she not even sing (she screams, badly), but her entire song is a lie. It's this sugary crap about how she just lives to make everyone around her happy, but she doesn't. She lives to make herself happy and that's it. Not once have I heard her say that she enjoys making others happy simply because it's the right thing to do. She wants praise, notoriety, attention, rewards; All sorts of things. That, in itself, is selfish. It's like, the very freaking definition of it.

You shouldn't do good deeds for others so you'll be rewarded in some way, be it simple praise or a material possession. You should do it because it's the right thing to do and that's the end of it.

All that I gathered from the 'Smile' song was, "I want others to be happy, but only if I'm involved." How incredibly.. narcissistic and selfish.. could you ******** be? I mean, what the bloody hell.. Not even Draco Malfoy acted like this throughout seven damned books and that little bugger was a douchebag.

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