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Before anyone says anything, this was posted up on the EQD Nightly Round Up. There is an article written by Gamma Squad saying that Tron Uprising will most likely have its last episode tonight or err last night or whatever. First off, it mentions that the ratings for the show aren't good in general so its partly the reason for its removal, but the second part, according to Disney:

"It’s easy to forget that for most toy and cartoon conglomerates, the idea of having a Brony-like phenomenon on their hands scares the ever-loving hell out of them."

So I want to leave this to a discussion, do you think we as fans are scaring the general public? It's bad enough we have the bad rep of being "sexualized" lovers for ponies with the whole cloppers and R34 tied to it, but do you think us just being the normal fanbase might be impacting society?

I find this article interesting because this is the first that Disney brought something like this up. They have other popular series that again adults love, but why is it with this show that there worried now?

Feel free to talk and chat away~ I thought this might be a good topic to talk about.
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Yes and no, i think. It's partly because of bronies, but not for the reason of the image that group presents. It's about the fact that when it comes to cartoon/toy sellers, they always want to play it safe. Cookie cutter shows with cookie cutter sales marketed towards specific groups of people and their trend purchases make sure their world continues to make sense.

But when writers change up the formula and it becomes big, the higher ups don't know what to do with themselves. It doesn't matter if it's profitable or popular. What matters is it wasn't what they planned for, so it's wrong.

It's the same reason Animaniacs was cancelled when it was doing extremely well ratings-wise. The audience was mostly adult and that wasn't what they wanted or planned for. So they'd rather get rid of it as opposed to admitting something else is better and changing how they do things and how their planning processes work.

I think we've been pretty lucky so far that MLP hasn't been canned because of it's even larger and more vocal adult fanbase than Animaniacs ever had, but it's always a possibility if they can't change their main demographic by overseeing production more closely. And I can easily see producers being nervous about it when it comes to handling their shows. So they turn it into something extremely 'safe'. The safe doesn't sell anywhere near as well. But it's still what they planned for so it's good until they drop it early like they always intended to.

I would be willing to bet money that if MLP had been exactly what they wanted from the get go, it would have a few bland, unremarkable seasons, several toy releases that covers girls for a year or so and then the show would quietly vanish without any complaint. But that scenario can't happen now with tons of adult fans who want to see them actually invest time and effort to continue to make it a lasting and quality product. They don't like the scrutiny or the obligation. They just want to make crap that sells some toys.
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emotion_bigheart I laughed.
I'm a little disappointed. I liked the show's unique animation, storyline, and voice acting, and I watched it whenever I could (sadly, that's only lead up to about two episodes).

Though Disney's getting too overconfident in thinking that ANY of the shows that they make could do that, though Tron has some potential.
Doesn't the show "Gargoyles" still have a decent following?
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emotion_bigheart I laughed.

As did I~
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(( I-I...

D-didn't comprehend a word I read...

C-could... Could you dumb it down for me, Miss Hearts...? >//////<;; I-I'm sorry... ))
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The Element of Kindness
(( I-I...

D-didn't comprehend a word I read...

C-could... Could you dumb it down for me, Miss Hearts...? >//////<;; I-I'm sorry... ))
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I'll try to help, Kindness.
What Disney is saying is that having a group of fans that aren't their target demographic is scary. They had a plan for their shows and/or toys, but when other people are getting into it that they don't expect to get into it, it becomes a hassle to try and deliver to all targets at one time.

That could be a possible reason why people consider that MLP is having a bad season this year, because they are trying to deliver too much in just one little episode. And they're forced to promote the toys, and they also have to have some sort of moral, and make sure everything is "perfect" for their alternate fans, and make sure the internal message is safe for girls to have.

All of this stuff in a single episode... So, that's my take on it, not sure if I'm right or not.
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(( I-I...

D-didn't comprehend a word I read...

C-could... Could you dumb it down for me, Miss Hearts...? >//////<;; I-I'm sorry... ))

In short what Nix said, Disney fears that a large fanbase would only cause issues as its not their main target audience. There target audience will always be children, not adults (though they bought marvel and probably should have realized the adult fanbase there) and because of this they fear that with this show, Tron, would have that large fanbase of adult men and women and would increase in size like the brony community. So to play it safe, Disney decided to end their series before it got too massive, which is probably a smart move on their end. That's basically what says in a long run. ^_^

But its sad because Disney forgot that its other shows and movies have these adult fanbases. They acquired Star Wars which is equivalent to Star Trek (sort of) and has a large adult *mainly male* fanbase, Marvel which runs all over, NBXM aka Nightmare Before Christmas again also has a large teen to adult fanbase, ect, ect ect. So really this is BS or I believe so because there afraid that something will reach to our fandom level. :/ This show only got popular (mainly) due to 4chan. If it wasn't for 4chan, being honest, the fandom wouldn't have hit this much hype. :/
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Ginger Nix


((O-oh. I-I see. Th-thank you both for clearing that up for me..))
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Well, that show was good while it lasted.
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I guess the bronies are...scaring off children and corporate adults alike now..?
That's funny.
All this raises a question (at least for me): why is Hasbro (more or less) supporting our fandom? They have no reason to welcome us with open arms. Like you said they should've shut everything down. But why didn't they? Not to look a gift horse in the mouth (no pun intended) but you have to wonder why. Again like you said, we are an unknown. Something that was never meant to be. Still they not only accept us but embrace us. The MLP staff regularly say that they were surprised and excited by our existence, but Hasbro has never given their thoughts (at least to my knowledge) on the subject. A romantic (such as myself) would believe that Hasbro sees the good we can bring. That what we bring to society is worth the gamble. Though I'm not one to completely believe in that. So again I ask: why?
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If people are afraid of us; than people are too sheltered. That or they are over thinking things. You just continue to produce what the targeted demographic wanted because that was what the other demographic was looking for in the show.

Also, I think that's a funny sentiment to have towards becoming more popular with the un-targeted demographic.
Shouldn't they EXPECT some of the viewers to be adults though?

Think about this: Tron came out in 1982. So the die-hard fans who watched it then are now adults. Those who stuck with the series up til now are 35+ years old. And if they liked it that much, having the tv show be a cartoon shouldn't be enough to cause them all to not watch it.

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